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New Members

Welcome to Yale Health!

Your care as a Yale Health member begins with your primary care provider (PCP) at Yale Health* in Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology or Pediatrics. If your condition requires more specialized care, then we have an extensive network of specialists drawn largely from the faculty at Yale School of Medicine that can care for you. You will receive all of your healthcare at the Yale Health Center unless your PCP refers** you to an outside clinician or specialist.

At Yale Health, you and your family will have easy access to the expertise and care that you deserve; our Member Liaison will be your guide. To get you started:

*Yale Health is not the same as Yale New Haven Health or Yale Medicine. All Yale Health providers provide care at the Yale Health Center at 55 Lock Street.
**Prior authorization is required for all referrals.

Meet Your Member Liaison

Christine Farrey

Hello! Allow me to personally welcome you to Yale Health!

My name is Christine Farrey, your Member Liaison. I will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition to Yale Health, including answering your questions about benefits and coverage, and assisting with coordination of care. Please review the New Member Checklist below. Be sure to schedule a New Member Meeting & Building Tour with me. It is the best way to learn about Yale Health and have your questions answered.  

As a new member, you will receive regular communications on topics regarding all things Yale Health from me. Look out for these emails as they are full of helpful tips and information about your Yale Health coverage. 

Review the New Member Checklist below, and if you have any questions, feel free to connect with me. Thank you for making Yale Health your healthcare provider. I look forward to meeting you!

Christine Farrey Signature

Christine Farrey, Your Member Liaison

New Member Checklist

  1. Schedule a New Member Meeting & Building Tour with the Member Liaison if you wish to discuss any questions you may have or transition of care to Yale Health.
  2. Sign up for MyChart. MyChart is your personal health record and online connection to your medical home. You can get an activation code at your first appointment, online now, or call MyChart Support, 203-688-5101.
  3. Complete a Request Access to Protected Health Information Form for each member of your family to have copies of your medical records sent to Yale Health. Please send this form to the Health Information Management team. 
  4. Contact your primary care department and schedule your first appointment. 
  5. Contact the Yale Health Pharmacy regarding information about refill requests, prescriptions transfers, and prescription coverage. 
  6. Complete an Adult New Patient Questionnaire for each adult family member and a Pediatric New Patient Initial Questionnaire for each child in your family. 
    1. These forms can be brought to your first appointment or sent directly to our Health Information Management team.
  7. Complete an Insurance Update Form if you or any of your dependents have an alternate insurance plan. Send this form to the Coordination of Benefits team at Yale Health Billing

For next steps, please refer to our New Member FAQs page.

Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Your primary care provider is the medical professional who sees you regularly and who knows you best. We believe that a close relationship with a PCP is essential in providing efficient and personalized care. Our goals, of providing both extraordinary care and an unmatched member experience, are made possible through this important relationship. Read more about our Philosophy of Care.

Your care as a Yale Health member begins with Internal MedicineObstetrics and Gynecology or Pediatrics, your primary care provider(s) at Yale Health. 

Meet your primary care team that will coordinate all of your care. 

Member ID Cards

Please remember to bring identification when checking in for your appointment, such as a driver’s license or Yale Health ID card. Member ID cards are not required for appointments at Yale Health, but they are useful for appointments outside the Yale Health Center or in emergencies. You can download a member ID card from our secure site or request a physical card be mailed to you. Your electronic ID works just like a physical card and can be uploaded into MyChart and shared with enrolled dependents. Please note: if you encounter an error, please wait 24 hours and try again.