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Specialty Services

On-site specialists include: cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, general surgery, neurology, orthopedics, otolaryngology (ENT), and urology.

Yale Health members and Yale students with Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage are required to use our identified consultants and have a referral from their primary care provider.

In addition to specialists at the Yale Health Center, a larger network of specialists is available upon referral by these consultants.

Clinical Manager

Acute Specialty Care Clinicians (*Yale Health Staff)

Cardiology Clinicians

Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) and of Cellular And Molecular Physiology; Vice-Chair, Department of Medicine
Lawrence Young, MD

Endocrinology Clinicians

ENT (Otolaryngology) Clinicians

Gastroenterology Clinicians (*Yale Health Staff)

General Surgery Clincians

Neurology Clinicians

Orthopedics Clinicians

Rheumatology Clinicians

Urology Clinicians

Professor of Urology; Director, Female Urology and Neuro-Urology; Residency Program Director
Harris Foster, MD


What happens if I need surgery? How is it arranged?

Your surgeon will discuss the procedure with you and the pre-op scheduler will contact you. Most patients will have a pre-op physical exam and/or blood work and an EKG with their PCC. Ariel Evans, MA, the pre-op scheduler, will make all pre-op appointments and arrange them with you over the phone. You may call the pre-op scheduler at 203-432-8728.