Student Health Welcomes You Back to Yale, July 16, 2020

We are looking forward to the 2020 Fall academic semester and providing your health care at the Yale Health Center at 55 Lock Street. We extend a warm greeting to all Yale students and a special welcome to first years.

We have implemented a number of changes to ensure the safety of our patients and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some important points to help you plan for any health-related needs that might arise:  

Student Health

We are available to help you with ALL medical issues, and look forward to hearing from you. Student Health has made the following changes to minimize the risk of accidental spread of coronavirus in the healthcare setting:

  • We will see you by appointment only (no walk-ins):
  • Telephone and video, as well as in-person visits are now available. We will help you decide which works best when you call or message us.
  • If you are away from New Haven, you can communicate with your provider through MyChart, and obtain medical care via telemedicine with the MyChart app.

Mental Health & Counseling

All regularly scheduled appointments in Mental Health & Counseling will be conducted via telephone or video.

Acute Care

  • Acute Care is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • We recommend that you call ahead to determine the best type of visit (telemedicine vs. in-person).
  • If you arrive without calling first, a lobby screener will ask you to step outside and call Acute Care.


The Yale Health Pharmacy is still walk-in but now also offers curb-side pick up and two different mail order options.

Blood Draw, Diagnostic Imaging and other services

Essentially, unless you are coming to the Pharmacy, you should call ahead for an appointment:

  • Both the Blood Draw and Diagnostic Imaging Departments are now by appointment only. Your provider will assist in coordinating test ordering and timing of appointments.
  • All clinical departments are by appointment only.
  • Other services such as Member Services (questions regarding coverage, eligibility and enrollment), BillingClaimsReferrals, and medical records, are available via phone or email.

When you come to the Yale Health Center

  • Face masks are required of all patients and staff.
  • In order to enter the building, you must have an appointment or plan to pick up a prescription at the Pharmacy.
  • A screener will ask you a series of screening questions and check your temperature with an infrared thermometer.
  • The screener will determine if you are okay to enter the building, or they will ask you to step outside and wait for a call from the department you are visiting to discuss next steps.


Telemedicine has become an important method of delivering health care during this pandemic. It allows for direct communication via either telephone or video, while protecting the health and safety of all involved. Many appointments are amenable to telemedicine. An added benefit is ease of use for a student who is on the go. If your provider feels an in-person visit at the Yale Health Center is warranted, we will arrange for you to come in-person. In order to take advantage of telemedicine, you will need an active MyChart account.


MyChart gives you online access to all of your medical information including lab and radiologic results, and any documentation made by your providers. It is also what you use to directly communicate with your providers, via messages as well as telemedicine. This year, it is particularly vital that you sign up for MyChart. We also recommend downloading the app (App Store and Google Play).

Healthcare Coverage for Students

Yale Health Basic Coverage

If you are registered as a Yale degree candidate student, enrolled half-time or more and paying at least half tuition, whether living in New Haven or studying remotely, you have Yale Health Basic Coverage and are automatically enrolled in Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage. Yale Health Basic includes services in Student Health, Mental Health and Counseling, Gynecology, Acute Care, the Inpatient Care Facility, and Blood Draw. Students who are attending Yale remotely can obtain basic services through MyChart and telemedicine visits with Yale Health providers. 

Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage

All students enrolled at least half-time in a Yale degree-seeking program are automatically enrolled in and charged a fee for Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage. Students who have alternate insurance can waive Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage (with proof of alternate coverage). Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage provides you with comprehensive care, but it can be waived if you prefer to use alternate coverage. Please note that you are eligible for all Yale Health Basic Coverage services regardless of whether you waive Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage or not. 

Regarding Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage, students who will not be residing in the New Haven area should note that non-emergent medical care, specialty care (including treatment for chronic conditions), non-Yale Health pharmacy and laboratory testing will not be covered. Out-of-area provider network restrictions will apply. The option to waive Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage is available each semester or for the full year, and keeping the coverage works best for semesters you plan to be in New Haven. Students studying remotely should consider whether Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage meets their needs because an alternate health plan may offer more extensive healthcare coverage outside of New Haven. If you have questions about waiving the Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage, do not hesitate to contact us at or 203-432-0246.

Students on leave of absence are not eligible for Yale Health Basic Coverage but may enroll in Yale Health Student Affiliate Coverage.

Coverage information for your review