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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Student Health Requirements

Where can I find information about Covid vaccines?

MD, RN and PA students must document up to date COVID vaccination. Vaccine is recommended, but not required, for other students. Please visit the Campus Health website for the most up-to-date guidelines.

Can I get my required vaccinations done at Yale when I arrive?

Required vaccinations are to be obtained prior to your arrival to campus. If there are extenuating circumstances you may contact us through Health On Track after it launches in June.

I never received a Meningitis ACYW vaccination. Do I need two shots in order to come to Yale?

If you are at least 16 years old, you need only one shot, per CDC recommendations. Your last Meningitis ACYW vaccine must have been given within 5 years of matriculation (starting at Yale). Please be sure that you are obtaining one of the accepted Meningitis ACYW vaccines. If you are not living in university housing, this vaccination is not required.

Is there a difference between Meningitis ACYW and Meningitis B vaccination?

Yes. Meningitis ACYW vaccination is required of all students living in university housing. Meningitis B vaccination is not required but is recommended. Please be sure that you are receiving one of the accepted Meningitis ACYW vaccines.

I am coming from outside the US. Do I need a TB test? What is the timeframe for testing?

All non-health professional students must complete the TB Screening Form. If you live outside the US or have traveled outside the US to designated countries during the past year, you need to submit a TB test. Those who live outside the US may submit a test within the past 6 months. Those who traveled outside the US should submit a test taken AFTER travel. Testing can be either a QuantiFERON Gold blood test (preferred) OR a PPD. Please note that a chest x-ray and documentation of treatment are required if either test is positive. A chest x-ray does NOT substitute for initial testing. If you are a health science student, TB screening is required within 6 months from school start date.

What if I received my first MMR or Varicella vaccine before my first birthday?

You will need to either obtain an additional MMR dose or receive titers (lab work) to prove you are immune. If your titers come back negative, you will need to get an additional dose of the vaccine. Refer to an outside clinic resource guide for details.

What happens if my Hep B titers are low?

You will need to receive a Hep B booster dose and repeat titers 4-6 weeks after the vaccination date. A temporary waiver will be placed on your account until 6 weeks from vaccination date. If titers remain low, you will need to repeat the full Hep B series. This includes two more vaccines: receiving one dose 2 months after the first dose, and the last dose 4 months after the second dose. Your temporary waiver will be extended to 6 months from your first vaccination date. Refer to an outside clinic resource guide for details.

What if I am unable to receive a vaccine because of an allergy/previous reaction?

You will need to complete a medical exemption. Please log into Health On Track, navigate to Contact Campus Health and complete the medical exemption form along with the required supporting documentation from your healthcare provider. Your exemption request will be reviewed by the medical team.

I need to apply for a religious exemption from receiving an MMR, Varicella, HepB or other required vaccine.

In accordance with CT state statute, Yale does not offer religious exemptions for required vaccinations except for flu and COVID (required for healthcare students only). Under Public Act 21-6 passed by the Connecticut legislature, no new religious exemptions are allowed after April 27, 2021. The law outlines an exception for those with a valid religious exemption established by midnight April 27, 2021, for students enrolled at Yale on or before April 28, 2021. Religious exemptions from outside of Connecticut OR exemptions from K-12 schools will not transfer to Yale.   

I am a degree-seeking student, and I don’t have access to my original immunization history. What can I provide instead to show immunity?

You can receive a titer (blood test) to satisfy the missing MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) or Varicella vaccinations.

I am a non-degree seeking or visiting student, and I don’t have access to my original immunization history. What should I do?

As a non-degree seeking or visiting student, please complete all requirements prior to travel to campus. Immunizations and titers can be expensive in the US and non-degree seeking or visiting students are responsible for this cost. If you have already traveled to campus and need to complete immunizations or receive titers to verify immunity, please satisfy your requirements by visiting an outside health care facility of your choosing. You should bring your insurance card with you and arrange for payment directly with the provider. If you would like a list of local resources for immunizations and titers, please request at

I am an employee auditing a class and am not seeking a degree. I have a Health Hold on my student record. How can I get the Health Hold removed?

Individuals taking a course typically have a primary affiliation as student status. You will need to have your school Health and Safety Leader confirm your auditing status with the Compliance Team.

I lost my immunization documents; how can I access my vaccination information?

If you received your vaccination in Connecticut, you could access your vaccination information through this portal. Many states have a similar vaccination portal.

If you received your vaccination at a pharmacy, log onto the pharmacy website and follow the instructions to access your vaccination information. Contact the pharmacy for questions.