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Early Start Student Forms

Welcome to Yale Health and Yale University!

If you are part of any of the programs listed below, you have an early start date and need to complete your health requirements one month in advance of your program start date. 

Early Start Programs

Early Start Program

Compliance Deadline

Classes/Program Start

Yale College – First Year Scholars Program05/26/202406/24/2024
Yale College – Incoming Freshman Participating in Summer Session

Session A – 5/3/2024  

Session B – 6/7/2024

Session A - 5/27/2024

Session B - 7/1/2024

Student Athletes on campus prior to Aug 1st1 Month prior to Program StartPrior to August 1st
School of Architecture6/16/20247/15/2024
School of Divinity (Language Program)4/21/20245/21/2024
School of Engineering and Applied Science and School of Medicine – PMAE6/1/20247/1/2024
School of Management - EMBA6/12/20247/12/2024
School of Management - Masters in Public Education Management6/15/20247/15/2024
School of Medicine – START5/10/20246/10/2024
School of Nursing (Online)4/6/20245/6/2024
School of Public Health6/2/20247/2/2024

If your program is not listed, but starts prior to August 1st, please email with the program name and school for confirmation. 

All other incoming or returning degree-seeking students enrolled in Yale College or a graduate or professional school, please follow the instructions here.

Visiting (non-degree) students enrolled in Yale Summer Session please follow the instructions here.

You will not be permitted to enroll in classes until all the forms are submitted and the immunization requirements are met. Some immunization requirements may take a month or more to complete. Booking appointments with your health care provider may also take time. Please plan accordingly.

Summer Early Arrival Student Health Packet

Completed documentation is due one month prior to your program start; please review program dates above; you must be verified as compliant before start of classes.

Please review the documents below for information about your health services requirements and deadlines for submission.

  • Download and print this form now and take it to your provider to complete.
  • Log-into the Yale Health Portal.
  • Submit documents as instructed.

Other Forms

Exemptions from Required Vaccinations

  • Medical exemptions: Medical exemptions may be requested by completing the form available above. Documentation from a healthcare provider is required and will be reviewed by Student Health for appropriateness.
  • Religious exemptions: In accordance with CT state statute, Yale does not offer religious exemptions for required vaccinations except for flu and COVID (required for healthcare students only.) Under Public Act 21-6 passed by the Connecticut legislature, no new religious exemptions are allowed after April 27, 2021. The law outlines an exception for those with a valid religious exemption established by midnight April 27, 2021, for students enrolled at Yale on or before April 28, 2021. Religious exemptions from outside of Connecticut OR exemptions from K-12 schools will not transfer to Yale. Requests for religious exemption for COVID vaccination are available on the Yale Vaccine Portal.

Effective May 15, 2023, COVID-19 vaccination for incoming (matriculating) students is strongly encouraged but not required. Students are required to submit documentation of prior any primary series vaccinations or bivalent boosters that they have received.

Consent to Treatment

In order to receive care from Yale Health, your consent to treatment is required.  By presenting to the Yale Health Center for care, you implicitly consent to and/or acknowledge the following: (i) you consent to treatment as a patient of Yale Health for the purpose of receiving medical care and treatment and/or diagnostic procedures as determined to be necessary or advisable in your care; (ii) you consent to admission to the Yale Health Infirmary when indicated by your medical condition; (iii) you consent to the performance of one or more tests to determine your blood alcohol breath level if you present to Yale Health intoxicated, in connection with which you may be admitted to the Yale Health Infirmary or transferred to the Yale-New Haven Hospital emergency department; (iv) you acknowledge that Yale Health may use telehealth tools in your care including, but not limited to, video visits, e-consults with specialists, and audio and/or video monitoring in acute and inpatient departments; (v) you acknowledge that as part of your medical care and treatment, you may be tested for HIV and this testing is voluntary; you will notify your Yale Health care provider if you do not agree to HIV testing; and (vi) you acknowledge that photographic images, videotaped images or other images may be made of you for purposes of medical documentation or education as Yale Health deems appropriate, and that the use or release of such images will be in accordance with Yale Health’s Notice of Privacy Practices. You acknowledge that discussion of the risks, benefits, and alternatives to each procedure, treatment, or test is available to you so that you can make informed decisions about your care.