Gender Transition Services at Yale Health

Gender transition care at Yale Health consists of a multidisciplinary team approach made up of primary clinicians, nurses, care managers, mental health clinicians, obstetric/gynecologists and endocrinologists. Our mission is to increase access to comprehensive, effective, and affirming health care services for trans persons.

We promise to respect your privacy and treat you with consideration and dignity. You will receive care that is responsive to your health care concerns and that is sensitive to your needs. You play a critical role in partnering with Yale Health clinicians in your care.

We hope you find the care resources below helpful. (Printable resource sheet)

Preferred Name

The name that is listed in your medical record must be the legal name on your documentation for insurance and identification purposes. You may request that your preferred name and pronoun designation be added to your medical record.

Benefits and Coverage

Yale Health gender transition care services are available only to members covered under Yale Health insurance. Consult your coverage documents for information on Yale Health’s coverage of treatments related to gender dysphoria and gender transition.

Additionally, you can contact Member Services.


You can contact the Claims Department to check your claims staus or denials.

Fertility Preservation

Consult with your primary care provider (PCP) in Internal Medicine or Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Gender Affirming Surgery

For top surgery, one letter from a mental health provider is required. For bottom surgery, two letters from a mental health provider are required. See the Member Coverage Booklet for details. Additionally, you can contact Specialty Services.

Gender Transition Care Coordination

Yale Health gender transition care services are available to Yale Health members covered under Yale Health insurance. Yale Health members should call 203-436-5791 regarding any questions. 

Hormone Therapy

Your primary care provider will refer you to an endocrinologist in Specialty Services. To initiate treatment, you must obtain a letter from a licensed mental health provider (MD, psychologist, or social worker).

Mental/Behavioral Health

You might seek the assistance of a mental health professional for a number of reasons. Your mental health provider will evaluate readiness for next steps in your treatment and make recommendations.

Magellan Health, 800-327-9240, provides these services for Yale Health members. If you need assistance navigating the Magellan network you can contact Cheryl Doebrick, 203-436-5706.

Mental Health & Counseling provides these services for students, 203-432-0290.


You can contact the Referrals Department to check your referral status or denials.

Prescription Medications

You can consult the Yale Health Pharmacy with questions about your prescriptions, refills, etc.

Note: All single occupancy bathrooms at Yale Health are designated as All Gender. These bathrooms are available in all clinical departments.

Your Child’s Care

For question and concerns realted to your child’s gender care, contact your pediatrician, 203-432-0206.