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New to Yale Health - Getting Your Birth Control Pills

The easiest way to get your birth control pills is to have your prior clinician call the Yale Health Center Pharmacy directly at 203-432-0033 with your prescription details. Your prior clinician may also fax the information directly to 203-436-4251.

The Ob/Gyn Department 203-432-0222 has reserved special appointments with our clinicians and nurses to assist you with obtaining your birth control prescriptions at Yale Health. These appointments are available Monday-Friday early in the fall for incoming students.

It is best if you can bring your current container or package that indicates your name, medication, date refilled, etc. to the appointment. This will assist in easy processing of your prescriptions. If you are unable to bring your birth control package or information, please make an appointment and try to bring as much information about your medical history as possible to that appointment.