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Winter: An Innovative Leader


Fall: Yale Health Turns 50
Spring: Balancing Act
Winter: Virtual Visits

Fall: Pregnant in a Pandemic
Winter: Taking Back Control

Fall: A Boost of Immunity
Spring: One Step Ahead
Winter: Where Are You From?

Fall: A Shot Worth Taking
Spring: Stressed Out?
Winter: The Other Person in the Room

Fall: Tell Me About Yourself
Spring: Healthcare Convenience
Winter: Molly Says Goodbye

Fall: ‘We just got to be the parents’
Spring: Mutual Understanding
Winter: Sound Relief

Fall: It’s Really Like Your Medical Home
Spring: Special Delivery
Winter: How Acute Care Works

Fall: What’s a Parent To Do?
Spring: Primary Relationships
Winter: An Epic Transition

Fall: From Your Clinician to the Counter
Spring: Out of the Shadows
Winter: After the Storm

Fall: Head games
Spring: Caring for the whole patient
Winter: Putting patients at the center

Fall: 40 years of innovation
Summer: Working together to provide care
Winter: We’ve moved!

Summer: Brain Basics
Spring: Reduce Lyme disease risk
Winter: On balance, our systems work together

Fall: Common sense helps during flu season
Summer: Walking to better health
Spring: Diabetes: Keeping the delicate balance
Winter: The many uses of calcium

Winter: Member stories
Fall: Managing hypertension
July/August: Traveling? Take MEDEX
May/June: Dedicated nursing staff supports Yale Health’s mission
March/April: Whatever your weight, boost health with exercise
January/February: Eating disorders about more than food

November/December: Breathing easier is goal of asthma management
September/October: What does “green” mean?
July/August: Hey waiter-there’s a vitamin in my soup!
May/June: Coming to terms
March/April: Confronting sexual assault
January/February: Better bones, stronger body

November/December: Not just a red fluid, blood is a marvel of complexity
September/October: Milk: It’s not just from cows anymore!
July/August: Keeping your cool is a complex process
May/June: Diabetes on the increase and proper management is critical
March/April: Happiness hard to pin down, but worth examining
January/February: Not as “common” as the cold, flu can lay you low

November/December: Communication central to safety
September/October: Yale Health promotes wellness initiatives
July/August: Bringing menopause into the mainstream
May/June: I say tortilla, you say chapati
March/April: Low fat, low carb, low –?
January/February: Symptoms of food allergies vary widely

November/December: Minding manners makes the world go ‘round
September/October: A little stress goes a long way
July/August: Navigating adolescence takes patience, respect
May/June: Tea’s benefits are in the bag
March/April: Spring’s the season for lunchtime walks
January/February: Some feel blue as light diminishes

November/December: “Breath of Fresh Air” a marvel of complexity
September/October: Empty nest and full heart as children leave home
July/August: Water by other names
May/June: Even in high tech world, common sense rules
March/April: What is HIPAA and why should I care?
January/February: Health habits can promote successful aging

November/December: Many keys to diagnosing depression
September/October: Food for your bones
July/August: Many strategies to manage hypertension
May/June: Gender and medicine
March/April: “Move It or Lose It” to manage arthritis
January/February: Hair loss: common and complex

December: Pharmacy moving towards “preferred” medications
Fall: New approach supports ongoing mission
July/August: Juicy tidbits
May/June: Enhancing memory takes focus and practice
March/April: Prevention issue
January/February: New medical director gears up for 21st century

November/December: Aching back?  You’re not alone
September/October: Cholesterol is part of life
July/August: Up with downtime
May/June: Travel, trade, changing environment foster new nasty germs
March/April: Skin, our largest organ, presents and protects us
January/February: Eyes offer window on health

November/December: The spin on dizziness
September/October: Childhood obesity is a family matter
July/August: Wondering about the wonder drugs
May/June: New drugs expand diabetes treatment options
March/April: Repetitive strain injuries are not inevitable
January/February: Promoting health is more than treating disease

November/December: Sleep tight
September/October: Quality Improvement’s Drive:  Yale Health’s Industrial Revolution
July/August: Surgical Care…not just cut and paste
May/June: Fitness! Time to get moving!
March/April: Take it to HEART