Travel Health Services for Students

NOTE: All travel services are fee-for-service at all locations, including Yale Health. You must schedule your travel consultation at least 6 weeks before your departure. 

There is a national shortage of yellow fever vaccine, check with the CDC website for local availability.

Individual Student Travelers

Travel Health Consultations

Individual student travelers and their dependents have the following options for travel health consultations and travel immunizations:

The following vaccines are always fee-for-service and not covered by Yale Health, no matter where you receive them:

  •     Japanese encephalitis
  •     Polio (IPV)
  •     Rabies (pre-exposure)
  •     Typhoid
  •     Yellow fever

You may be advised to get some routine vaccines (e.g., tetanus, flu, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, MMR, and varicella) for your travel. If you have Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage and you get those vaccines at Yale Health Immunizations they will be covered. Yale Health will not cover nor reimburse for any vaccines given outside of the Yale Health Center.

Student Travel Groups

Student groups can schedule Group Travel Education sessions with Passport Health at your location on campus or at a local Passport Health clinic and then complete travel immunizations at Passport Health. Follow these steps to arrange for a group travel consultation and complete the Yale Onsite Group Travel Education agreement.


Individual students and their dependents who receive their travel health services at Yale Health will be charged the full amount for travel health services (vaccines,consultations, and medications). The charges will be billed to your bursar account. If your travel is being funded by the University, please complete the Yale Student Travel Services - Department Funded Travel form and bring it with you to your appointment.

Passport Health charges can be paid directly, using a credit card, departmental P-card, or by direct invoice to the school.

HIV Prophylaxis for Health Professional School Students

If you have your Travel Consult outside of Yale Health, you need a Student Health appointment to have a provider in Student Health order the prophylaxis medication for you.


If you have any questions about travel consultations or travel immunizations please contact Cindy Eber, RN, Manager of Student Health, 203-432-0316.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Yale Health have yellow fever vaccine available?

There is currently a national shortage of yellow fever vaccine. We do not know when the vaccine will be available. Yellow fever vaccine is very important and must be gotten when traveling to certain areas such as South America and certain countries in Africa. If you received a prior yellow fever vaccine, current guidelines state only one vaccine is needed. If you have never received the vaccine you will need to arrange your travel consult with Passport Health, who currently has a medication, Stamaril, that is being used to help protect people from yellow fever.

I attended the Group Travel Education session with my school, how do I get the travel vaccines and other prescriptions recommended?

You will get your travel vaccines and recommended prescriptions from Passport Health. Schedule your appointment at Passport Health after your Group Travel Education session. Your prescriptions can be filled at Yale Health Pharmacy.

How much will travel health services and vaccinations cost?

Travel health services are not a Yale Health covered benefit. Call Passport Health for their fees or review Yale Health’s student travel vaccination and consultation fees.

How do I pay for travel vaccinations?

If you use Passport Health, they will accept a university P- Card or a credit card. If you are arranging a Group Travel Education session with Passport Health, they will coordinate with you in advance to bill for a group class.

If you use Student Travel Health Services at Yale Health, Yale Health will bill your bursar account after your visit. If your travel is being funded by the University, please complete the Yale Student Travel Services - Department Funded Travel form and bring it with you to your appointment.

I am a faculty or staff and a group of my students will be traveling. How do I arrange a group travel session for my students?

You may contact Passport Health at to schedule a group travel education session on campus or visit the Travel Health Services for Students page for instructions and more information.

I went to Passport Health for my vaccines, how will this information get into my Yale Health medical record?

Vaccines administered by Passport Health will be securely transferred to the Health Information Management Department at Yale Health for entry into your Yale Health medical record. In addition, Passport Health will provide you with a copy of the vaccines they administered at the time of your visit.