Emergency Contraception Comparison Chart*

* Contact the Yale Health Ob/Gyn Department if you’re not sure which option is best for you.

Method Pros Cons Cost Limits
My Way/Plan B (levonorgestrel) Over-the-Counter Less effective if 72-120 hours, or close to ovulation, or BMI over 30 Free at the Yale Health Center for all Yale students and Yale Health members None
Ella (ulipristal) More effective up to 120 hours, and closer to ovulation; up to BMI of 35; hormone free Requires prescription

Free at the Yale Health Center for Yale students with Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage and Yale Health members

Waived students can pay out of pocket or use their bursar account at the Yale Health Pharmacy (approximately $50) or use their personal health insurance at an outside pharmacy

Paragard (copper) IUD More than 99% effective up to 120 hours; any BMI; provides ongoing contraception up to 10+ years Need to revisit for office procedure; discomfort and small risk Free, except for waived students whose insurance will be billed  to cover the cost of the device Requires appointment in Ob/Gyn for a minor office procedure within 120 hours