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Diversity and Inclusion

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Racism in our country has caused incalculable harm and given rise to understandable feelings of hurt, loss and anger. Sharing these emotions, I write to you today to make a clear statement about diversity and inclusion at Yale Health. As a healthcare organization, we cannot undo the agonies and losses suffered by the victims of racism, inequality and intolerance. However, by addressing the need for diversity and inclusion in our organization, we take steps towards our goal of creating a safe environment for healing and the promotion of health.  

Yale Health will strive to make our patient-centered phrase “Better Together” a reality for our patients and for one another. We will demonstrate respect and empathy in all of our interactions. We will value one another as individuals, listening closely and striving to understand what matters to each of us. We will celebrate the ideals of diversity and inclusion, finding ways to weave them into the fabric of our culture. We will promote awareness of our unique identities and differences as well as our shared experiences and beliefs. We will not tolerate racism and inequality, and we will oppose and denounce all forms of behavior rooted in hatred. Through these actions, we will work together as partners to build a more just future. 

Yale Health Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement

Yale Health’s mission to promote the health and well-being of members of the Yale Community is closely aligned with our commitment to an environment of inclusion and diversity in our workplace and in our relationships with members. We will foster and cultivate creative, innovative ways to weave the values of inclusion and respect for diversity into the fabric of Yale Health. Our dimensions of inclusion and diversity include, but are not limited to, age, race, ethnicity, religion and spirituality, profession, education, political affiliation, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and veteran status.

In support of these goals, we will:

  • Build awareness of the diverse cultures of our community of patients, members, colleagues, and their families;
  • Develop clinical programs and health services to meet the needs of our diverse patient community;
  • Create and support an adaptive culture that celebrates awareness and inclusion;
  • Strive to recruit employees who reflect the rich diversity of Yale and New Haven;
  • Develop and grow best practices in diversity, inclusion, and respect to ensure that Yale Health provides equitable patient-centered health care for the Yale community.