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The Arts at Yale Health

The Arts at Yale Health endeavors to create an environment that is visually and intellectually stimulating and promotes the health and wellness goals Yale has for the community we serve. It recognizes the value of art in creating vibrant, inclusive spaces, and through this initiative, seeks to perpetually enhance the experience its members have when seeking care. With this program, Yale Health also strives to create new and sustaining ties to artists with any of a variety of Yale affiliations, whether as students, faculty, staff, or others, to promote the talent and generosity within this rich community. Read more about the history of this program and the details of our most recent installation here.

Guidelines for artists

For purchase inquiries please contact Meredith Miller.

Spring 2024 Arts at Yale Health Open Call Submission
Submissions closed on April 12, 2024. Notifications will go out the week of April 22, 2024.

The Arts at Yale Health Dedicated to Memory of Colleague

Heather Smith

The Heather Smith Memorial Arts at Yale Health is dedicated to the memory of Heather Smith, a colleague, and friend who passed away from cancer. She was Yale Health’s communications officer for 15 years.

Smith, who ran her own professional photography business along with her Yale responsibilities, was instrumental in getting the arts program up and running along with Meredith Miller, a senior photographer at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library and a 2003 graduate from the Yale University School of Art. The first pieces of artwork created by members of the Yale community went on display throughout the Yale Health Center in February 2019.

“If you look at every part of what we’ve done with the arts program, Heather has been at the center of it,” said Peter Steere, RPh, MBA, Yale Health’s chief operating officer. “She helped determine where we hung the art, she did the website materials, and she was important in the jury process as to what was accepted because she really has a fine eye. She appreciated art of all kinds and really had a vision for this. She helped take it from an idea to a program.”

Steere also praised Smith for her leadership in Yale Health’s communications to the Yale community during her 15-year career, which included the move from 17 Hillhouse Avenue to the Yale Health Center in 2010 and messaging around the COVID-19 pandemic over the past few years. 

“Heather, nearly single-handedly, shaped how people saw our organization and how they learned about us, who we are, and what we do,” Steere said. “Her guidance around how best to reach our community, to describe the quality of our care, was routinely outstanding.” 

Fall 2022

Artists in the Exhibition Currently on Display

Helen Arjmandi FLOOR 3

Yale Spouse

The Paradise of Harmony, 2019 Acrylic painting on wood

The Healing Mother Earth, 2022 Wood burning, acrylic painting, gold gilding

Growing Through Barbed Wires, 2019 Acrylic painting on wood 

Alyssa Arre FLOOR LL

Yale University Ph.D. 2021, Psychology

Rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) and newborn among the flowers, 2017 Photograph 

Rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) and newborn, 2018 Photograph

Rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) and infant, 2018 Photograph

Rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) grooming session, 2016 Photograph

Joan Cho FLOOR 2

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine, Yale Health Center 

The Wedding Bow, 2021 Watercolor 

Chris Ferguson FLOOR 1

Yale Spouse 

The Lights on the Bridge, 2020 Oil on canvas 

Heather Gendron FLOOR 4

Director, Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library 

I Care, 2022 Woven textile

Lisa Kereszi FLOOR 2

Critic, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Yale School of Art 

Yale School of Art, MFA 2000 

Flowers in my shadow belly, Conn., 2016 Archival inkjet print

Nan holding her mother’s hands, Hazleton, Penna., 2005 Archival inkjet print

Esthea Kim FLOOR 1

Yale Spouse 

Companion, 2021 Acrylic, dye and ink on linen

Beth Klingher FLOOR 2

Yale Spouse 

Connections, 2020 Mosaic 

Daye (Catherine) Kwon FLOOR LL

Undergraduate, Yale College

Hold my Hand, 2022 Watercolor on paper 

Beth Lovell FLOOR 2

Executive Associate, Yale School of Art 

Polar Bear, 2021 

Fox, 2021 

Brown Bears, 2021 

Redbird, 2021 

Riding Hood, 2021

Deer, 2021 

Dog in Window, 2021 

Cat in Window, 2021 

Girl in Window, 2021 

House and Moon, 2021

[Not Pictured]

Campfire, 2021 

[Not Pictured]

Road Trip, 2021 

Collage of ink-stained book pages 

Ken Lovell FLOOR 3

Yale School of Art, MFA 1992 

Old Man of the Mountain, 2020 Flashe paint on canvas mounted to panel 

John Mayes II & Taylor Mayes FLOOR 4

Father & Daughter Duo, Peabody Museum

Natural Science Illustration Program Students 

Cardinal (JM), 2020 Drawing on Bristol paper 

Tulip (JM), 2020 Drawing on Bristol paper 

Cardinal (TM), 2020 Drawing on Bristol paper 

Tulip (TM), 2020 Drawing on Bristol paper 

Racquel Miller FLOOR 4

Events Coordinator, Yale Quantum Institute 

After the Storm, 2021 Acrylic 

Always, 2021 Acrylic

Mountain Stream, 2021 Acrylic 

[Not Pictured]

Where Dreams Begin, 2021 Acrylic 

Deep in My Soul, 2021 Acrylic 

[Not Pictured]

Changing Seasons, 2021 Acrylic 

[Not Pictured]

A Spring Song, 2022 Acrylic 

MJ Millington & Witt Fisher FLOOR 2

Staff Member, Beinecke Library & Son, age four




Storywriting, 2021 Watercolor and ink on paper, waxed and mounted to panel 

Alex Puz FLOOR 2

Yale University School of Art, MFA 2022 

Oxytocin, 2021 Flashe vinyl acrylic on canvas

Wall of Flowers, 2021 Flashe vinyl acrylic on canvas 

Gabriela Svenningsen FLOOR 3

Staff Member, Yale University Art Gallery 

Quilt Dreams, 2022 Watercolor, ink and colored pencils

Aliaksandra Tucha FLOOR 2

Undergraduate, Yale College 

Grandmother and Mother Tending to the Kitchen Garden, 2020 Digital photograph

Ann Zhang FLOOR LL

Undergraduate, Yale College 

Untitled (1), 2022 Inkjet photo print 

Untitled (2), 2022 Inkjet photo print