Student Health Education

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Schedule a Zoom session with our Student Health Educator, Lauren Horner.  Contact her for a virtual appointment through email Lauren Horner or by phone at 203-436-5464.  


Are you looking for support to make changes towards a healthier lifestyle and better quality of life?

Student Health Education can help with:

Consider working with Yale Health’s student health educator and health coach, Lauren Horner, M.Ed, CHES. Lauren will partner with you to help you overcome obstacles and enhance your holistic well-being by utilizing your strengths and goal-directed behavior change, while providing motivation, accountability, support, and resources.   

Contact Lauren at 203-436-5464 or email Lauren to schedule an appointment on Zoom. She’s available to work with all students, Monday through Friday. 

Student Health Advisory Councils

The Undergraduate and Graduate Student Health Advisory Councils function as a partnership between Yale Health and students in an effort to promote, review and revise student care services across the Yale healthcare system. Students bring varying and valuable perspectives on our operational processes and programs, and based on discussions and prioritization, student projects are created to improve overall care. Learn more and apply today!