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Appointment Information

Pre-authorized care from a network provider is covered at 100%. Yale Health members have easy access to referrals through Magellan Health Service’s toll free telephone center (800-327-9240 or TDD 800-456-4006), which is staffed around-the-clock by licensed mental health clinicians. These clinicians will help you find the most appropriate type and level of care within our behavioral health network.


You and your dependents have access to a full range of behavioral health services as part of your Yale Health benefit. These benefits includes treatment for stress, depression, and anxiety as well as other mental health and substance use issues.

The Yale Health behavioral health benefit offers treatment for covered mental health conditions and addictions through a local network of private practitioners that includes:

  • psychiatrists,
  • clinical psychologists,
  • clinical social workers,
  • psychiatric clinical nurse specialists,
  • alcohol/drug counselors, and
  • affiliated organizations such as Yale New Haven Hospital.

Our community provider network is managed by Magellan Health Services, a third party administrator, which provides credentialing, treatment referral, authorizations and billing.

Yale Health members do not need a referral from their primary care provider to call Magellan. There is no cost for pre-authorized care from a network provider.

What to expect

When you call Magellan (800-327-9240) just stay on the line and if you do not chose any options offered by the automated telephone tree you will be connected to a licensed mental health clinician. If outpatient treatment is recommended you have two options for getting an appointment:

  1. The Magellan clinician will give you a few names and contact information of providers in our network. You will call the providers to see if they are available and make an appointment.
  2. Or you can ask the Magellan clinician to find you the earliest possible appointment with an available provider. Magellan will call you back with the date and time of your appointment.

Another way to find a network provider is through the Yale Health/Magellan web page. Choose the provider search function from the menu on the top and select the Behavioral Health Network. Once you have selected a network provider from the list and made an appointment call Magellan for treatment authorization.

At any point, if you are unsuccessful in getting an appointment with a behavioral health network provider you can ask for a Magellan clinician to do it for you.

Additional Assistance

If you have questions or have difficulties using our services, you may contact Cheryl Doebrick, PhD (203-436-5706) or Borislav Meandzija, MD (203-436-5667) in the Behavioral Health Department Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. We are located on the lower level of Yale Health in the Behavioral Health suite.