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Health Information Management

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To get a copy of your medical record, or to submit health forms or other outside health information:

  1. Check your MyChart/Lucy record (click on the My Medical Record tab). The information you need may be there for you to download yourself.
  2. A valid authorization for the release of information form must be completed in order to obtain medical records for a third party. To access your own protected health information complete a Request Access to Protected Health Information form. You may submit the form, or any outside health information to be added to your record, in person at Yale Health, via email at, by mail to Yale Health, P.O. Box 208237, New Haven, CT 06520-82327 or by fax to 203-436-5536.
  3. There is a $30 fee for CD’s of MRI’s. If you request that the records be mailed there is also a charge for postage.
  4. Allow 30 days for processing your medical record request. Requests are generally processed in the order they are received.
  5. You can authorize someone else to pick up your records on your behalf if you provide a signed note giving them permission.

Please note that the following items can be released within 48 hours: immunization records, prescription records, and the most current physical.

Medical records are kept for 10 years after you stop receiving care at Yale Health.

When a third-party vendor (such as a life insurance company or a lawyer) requests records on your behalf (an authorized release), they will be charged a fee.

Representatives are available to answer questions regarding your release of information for members and authorized third-party requesters. They can also assist with the completion of the Designation of Patient Spokesperson form, the Designation of Contact Information form, and to answer any questions.

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