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Guidelines for Artists

Art Exhibit Space

Yale Health Center, 55 Lock Street, New Haven, CT 06511

Open 24/7 to its members, with round-the-clock security on site


Artists with Yale affiliation may submit work for consideration in response to juried open calls. Yale affiliation includes students, staff, faculty, alumni, and their familiy members.

Selection Criteria

The purpose of The Arts at Yale Health Rotating Art Exhibits is to offer enrichment and enjoyment to the patients, visitors and staff through the visual arts.

The art imagery and media should be appropriate for family viewing in public spaces with respect for cultural backgrounds and the Yale community.

Acceptance of any art is at the sole discretion of the Arts at Yale Health Committee.

Given the mission of the Arts at Yale Health to offer artworks that contribute to a healing atmosphere the following elements will not be accepted:

  • Anything sad, angry, scary or violent
  • Specific political or religious subjects or icons
  • Overt sexual content or nudity
  • Predominately red or black color schemes
  • Abstractions that could be interpreted as internal organs, blood, veins, bones, body parts or bandages
  • Shapes that are pointy or appear to be knives or weapons
  • Dark windows or doorways

Number of Artworks

The size and type of artwork submitted determines how many will fit in the space.

Only artwork submitted and approved by the Arts at Yale Health Committee will be accepted for installation.

Every effort is made to hang as many of the artworks accepted for the space; however, all submitted pieces may not be used based on space constraints or the art coordinator’s decision.

Length of Exhibit

Exhibits are on display for approximately 4 months. Artworks may only be removed at the end of the exhibit contract.


  • Accepted artists are responsible for their shipping to and from Yale Health. Accepted artwork must be delivered and picked up by hand or shipped to Yale Health by the stated date/time in one delivery.
  • Artwork must be delivered framed and prepared to be hung.
  • Accepted artists will be notified of the specific dates and deadlines for delivery and removal of their exhibit when they receive their acceptance notification.
  • The artist is expected to adhere to delivery instructions regarding place, date and time as well as hours for the exhibit space hours unless prior arrangements are made though the Art Coordinator.
  • The Arts at Yale Health Committee will be responsible for installing the artwork. Any specific installation requirements can be discussed with The Arts at Yale Health Committee prior to acceptance.
  • Artists must use appropriate packing material which cannot be stored at Yale Health.
  • The Arts at Yale Health Committee will deinstall the artwork.
  • If the artist is unable to make the delivery or pickup due to an emergency, the artist is requested to make arrangements with another authorized individual to represent the artist and handle the delivery/pickup. If this is not possible, the artist should notify the Art Exhibit Coordinator immediately to discuss the situation and make a mutually agreeable plan. 
  • Yale Health cannot be held responsible for the security of artwork that is not picked up.
  • Artists must arrange for delivery of purchased art to the buyer after the show is removed.
  • Non-local artists must provide a pre-paid return shipping label or valid account number for the return of artworks using the shipping method of their choice. Yale Health suggests that artwork be shipped in wooden crates whenever possible to ensure proper protection of work. Yale Health will not ship via C.O.D. 

Insurance/Protection of Artwork

Artwork will be subject to the standard security and environmental controls in the Yale Health building. Yale Health cannot guarantee that the conditions will be appropriate for all art.

Yale Health does not have insurance for the artwork exhibits and is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to the artworks while in its possession or on display; specifically from the date of delivery to Yale Health through the date of pickup by the Artist. It is recommended that artists insure their work privately for adequate protection in all potential situations and declare the correct value when shipping the work.

Artist agrees to hold Yale Health harmless with respect to any loss or damage to the artwork, regardless of the cause.

Use of Images for Promotion

Yale Health requests the right to use images provided by the artist of the submitted work for promotional and display purposes of the Exhibition only. The Artist is credited by name in every possible case.

The Artist must notify Yale Health in writing if they do not wish their artwork to appear in print or publications for this exhibition.

Title and Copyright

The Artist warrants and represents that he/she created the work of art and possesses unencumbered title and full copyright to each and all works of art consigned to Yale Health under this agreement. This Agreement does not transfer any rights of title or copyright to Yale Health.

Sale of Artwork

All inquiries will be directed to the artist for all sales. The artist’s name and contact information will be displayed for the public at the exhibition site. Any exhibited artwork sold during or within 30 days after the exhibit will include a 20% commission, which helps support the Yale Health Art Program. Work does not need to be for sale to be eligible for acceptance. All work will remain on exhibit and cannot be removed by the artist until the close of the exhibit. 

Sales Commission to the Arts at Yale Health Center

The artist will submit the sales commission in a check made out to Yale University and mailed to: Member Services, Yale Health, PO Box 208237, New Haven CT 06511-8237 with a note indicating the funds are to be directed to the Arts at Yale Health Center fund.