Yale COVID-19 Vaccine Program

We are currently in Phase 1b vaccinating our 75 and older population.

COVID-19 vaccines are given to those with an appointment and based on state requirements for phasing the program. Once you have your appointment, read these directions on how to schedule your appointment and access the Lanman Center vaccination site. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility and Phases

The FDA has granted Emergency Use Authorization for two COVID-19 vaccines. Distribution of the vaccine is based on CDC guidelines and state requirements. Yale Health is partnering with the Connecticut Department of Public Health, Yale Medicine and Yale New Haven Health System for a standardized approach to vaccinating our healthcare personnel and, in subsequent phases, patients and members of the Yale community.

Using current instructions from the State and in consultation with the university’s Public Health Advisory Committee and its Vaccine Advisory Sub-committee, the university is aligning its community population to the state’s designation of phases. We are completing Phase 1a and are quickly moving into Phase 1b with our 75 year and older population. The timing of expanding to other eligible people in Phase 1b will depend upon vaccine supply distributed to Yale Health by the state.

At this time, the Yale COVID-19 Vaccine Program is inviting employees and Yale Health members for appointments to get vaccinated when they meet state eligibility requirements. Full-time, part-time, and active temporary and casual staff will be offered vaccinations. Affiliates, contingent workers, vendors and contractors who are employed by and paid by other organizations are not currently included in our vaccine program and are encouraged to speak to their employer about vaccination options or to register through the state VAMS system as soon as they become eligible for vaccination. 

Phase 1a

We are completing this phase which includes healthcare personnel, medical first responders, and long term care facility residents and staff. Learn more about Yale’s implementation approach for Phase 1a. 

Phase 1b

We are currently starting Phase 1b, beginning with university employees and Yale Health members 75 years of age as of December 31, 2021. The university’s Vaccine Sub-Committee of the Public Health Advisory Committee continues to assemble information on those members of our community who will also be eligible to receive vaccination during Phase 1b. Invitations to make appointments will be sent as soon as we have been informed that we will be provided with vaccine. Learn more about eligibilty for vaccation in Phase 1b. 

Who is Eligible:

  • Individuals 75 years of age as of December 31, 2021 and older which includes university employees and Yale Health members. 
  • Residents and staff of congregate settings targeted to institutionalized individuals and not including those living in dormitory settings.
  • Frontline essential workers who work in select sectors. Those who work in select sectors who face exposure to COVID-19 because work related duties must be performed on-site in proximity to the public or co-workers.

Phase 1c

The state has not yet released eligibility requirements. We will provide more information as it becomes available.  

Ways to Get Vaccinated

The Yale COVID-19 Vaccination Program

  • MyChart invitations will be issued to schedule an appointment at the Lanman Center vaccination clinic when the university receives vaccine inventory from the Department of Public Health. We anticipate this to happen very soon.
  • If you are a Yale employee or member of Yale Health, you do not have to actively register with the Yale Program, but should make sure you have signed up for MyChart, which is the route through which you will receive your invitation, and monitor the e-mail address you use for MyChart.
  • If you have questions about the Yale Program, need assistance setting up your MyChart account or scheduling your appointment after you have received an invitation, call the Campus COVID Resource Line (203-432-6604). General questions about the program can also be sent to yhvaccine@yale.edu

The Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS)

  • Maintained by the State and provides eligible individuals with access to many other vaccination clinics across the state.
  • Begin the registration process in VAMS by filling out this registration form on the State’s COVID-19 website.
  • You must have an email address and the ability to complete registration online.
  • You may register with VAMS even if you are a Yale employee or a Yale Health member. 
  • Registering with VAMS will not remove you from the Yale Program’s eligibility/invitation list.
  • You may receive invitations from VAMS and from the Yale Program but please schedule only one appointment for vaccination, i.e., either through the VAMS program or through the Yale Program.
  • Vaccination requires two doses separated by 21 or 28 days and you must get both doses of the vaccine at the same location.
  • More information about VAMS program 75+ individuals is available on the Department of Public Health’s website.  

Hospital Systems

  • Lastly, a number of hospital systems are offering direct scheduling of appointments and some municipalities are offering assistance with registration; you may want to consult the website of your town or local hospital for more information. Those who do not qualify for the Yale COVID-19 Vaccination Program are encouraged to learn more about options through Yale New Haven Health. 

Thank you for your patience as we work toward the goals of aligning with the state’s requirements and being able to offer vaccination opportunities to all.  

Updated January 17, 2021