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Yale Health-y Pregnancy Nutrition Program

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  

Nutrition, fitness and a healthy weight gain play an important role in having a healthy pregnancy. To help you reach your health and weight goals for your pregnancy, Yale Health has developed the Yale Health-y Pregnancy Program.

About the Yale Health-y Nutrition Pregnancy Program

  • A virtual group program which meets 6 times during the duration of your pregnancy.
    • Led by Yale Health Dietitian, Alisa Scherban.  
  • Topics will include:
    • overcoming nutritional challenges
    • your nutritional needs for each trimester
    • meal planning
    • staying fit
    • managing stress
  • Guest speakers for meal planning, fitness and stress management.
  • Weekly emails with healthy pregnancy recipes and nutritional tips.
  • Group format to give you the opportunity to learn from and support each other.

Who is this program for?

All pregnant individuals covered by Yale Health are encouraged to participate. Regardless of your weight before pregnancy, all pregnant women can benefit from good nutrition and lifestyle habits and a healthy weight gain in pregnancy.

What are the benefits?

A healthy weight gain, good nutrition and fitness during pregnancy can lower your risk of having a baby born too early or being too big or too small. You may also have an easier time getting back to your usual weight after the baby is born.

How do I join? 

Email Yale Health Dietitian, Alisa Scherban.