What is Yale Health

Yale Health is a not-for-profit, physician-led health plan that operates a medical center on the Yale campus. Your care as a Yale Health member begins with your choice of an expert primary care professional in Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology or Pediatrics. When your condition requires more specialized care, there’s an extensive network of specialists drawn largely from the faculty at Yale Medical School. You can rest easy knowing that we have nurses available 24/7 for medical questions as well as round-the-clock Acute Care. At Yale Health, you and your family will have easy access to the expertise and care that you deserve.

There is no limitation for pre-existing conditions, and most preventive, diagnostic and treatment services involve no deductibles and no claim forms.

Nearly three-quarters of all Yale faculty and staff are Yale Health members.

Care at the Yale Health Center

You will receive all of your healthcare at the Yale Health Center unless your primary care provider refers you to an outside physician/specialist. Prior authorization is required for all referrals.

Yale Health member ID cards

You will receive an ID card in your new member packet in the mail once your application is processed. You can also fill out an ID card request form.

Primary Care Providers

Your primary care provider is the medical professional who sees you regularly and who knows you best. Yale Health believes that a close relationship with a primary care provider plays an essential role in providing efficient and personalized care.

Your primary care provider is at the center of a team of dedicated healthcare professionals who work together to serve you. Your primary care provider is also your access point for specialty care.

A primary care provider (PCP) is assigned to you upon enrollment in Yale Health. Female members are assigned a PCP in the ObGyn Department as well as the Department of Internal Medicine. Children are assigned a PCP in the Department of Pediatrics. If you would like to choose a different PCP, contact Member Services at 203-432-0246 to review the list of available providers.

All under one roof

We offer on site medical support services with a pharmacy, diagnostic imaging suite, endoscopy suite and laboratory.

Our Care Management Department serves as your advocate in our healthcare system by anticipating and solving problems, providing information, and helping you navigate the healthcare system both within and outside of Yale Health.

Inpatient Care may be used as an alternative to hospitalization or an extension of a hospital stay that allows you to finish your course of therapy in an intimate and caring environment.


Referrals are required for certain services within Yale Health Center and any service outside of Yale Health Center (other than behavioral health).

Your primary care provider can order these services if they are needed.

The referral may be generated and approved within the department and a copy of the approved referral given to you while you are there.

However, some referrals require further medical review. These referrals are pended, reviewed and may need additional information prior to approval. This process can take approximately one week.

Medical records

You should transfer your medical records from your previous clinician to Yale Health using this form.