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Food Smarts

Know your food

The most healthful foods at the supermarket are those that aren’t highly processed. That means they’re whole foods like apples, carrots, and nuts. The only ingredients are the foods themselves. Highly processed foods are usually made in a way that ends up taking out healthy parts like fiber and adding unhealthy things like sugars, sodium, and trans fats.

Your family can use the ingredient list and Nutrition Facts label to make better choices. If the food product has a long list of chemical sounding ingredients that are not familiar to you, it’s probably not a healthy choice. Don’t forget to look at the serving size. Many foods that appear to be a single serving are actually two or more.

What’s in a label?

Food labels help you figure out whether or not packaged foods are healthy. Watch this video to learn your label lingo.

Super size

Food has gotten bigger, and that’s not necessarily a good thing when it comes to diet and weight control.  Watch this video to see how portion sizes have increased.

Slam dunk junk food

Healthy food fuels your body for school and sports.  Watch healthy foods take on junk food in a game of basketball.

Uncover healthy options

Learn how to read nutritional labels and make healthy food choices.

Food Label Game

Get smart

Got a smart phone? Download Fooducate eat a bit better ™.  It’s a free app that you can use to scan the barcode of a food product to get a nutritional letter grade. It will even suggest healthier options for you.