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Drug List

The Yale Health Drug List represents most covered items. If your drug is not listed, it may or may not be covered. To determine coverage of unlisted drugs or if you have questions about any of your prescriptions, please contact the pharmacy.

Co-pays are for 30-day supplies when purchased at the Yale Health Pharmacy.

The Yale Health Drug List is subject of change.


C/T & S/M & Security

M&P / Faculty


Students w/ Hospitalization/Specialty Care

Tier 1

Preferred, $10 co-payPreferred, $10 co-payPreferred, $10 co-payPreferred, $10 co-pay

Tier 2

Alternative, $35 co-payAlternative, $45 co-payAlternative, $30 co-payAlternative, $30 co-pay

Tier 3*

Non-preferred, $55 co-payNon-preferred, 40% coinsurance with a $60 minimum and $120 maximumNon-preferred, $50 co-payNon-preferred, $45 co-pay


Not coveredNot coveredNot coveredNot covered

*If a generic drug is available and a brand name is dispensed there may be additional charges depending on your employment status at the University.  Please see your applicable Schedule of Benefits.

Note: Your prescription may be free if it qualifies under ACA guidelines.