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Be Bright About Breakfast

The benefits of breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast helps children and teens focus and perform better in school. Children and teens that eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight and get all the nutrients they need.

How to choose a healthy cereal

A bowl of cereal can be a healthy way to start the day. However, not all cereals are nutritious. Here’s what to look for in a healthy cereal:

  •  Choose a cereal with under 8 grams of sugar. Some cereals have has much sugar as a cookie or a cupcake. Try to choose a cereal with as little added sugar as possible.
  • Look for a cereal with at least 3 grams of fiber. Fiber has many health benefits. It helps keep children full and prevents constipation, heart disease, and diabetes.
Cereal Bowl

Think outside the box

Cereal is not the only quick choice for breakfast.  Consider these ideas:

breakfast burrito
  • Egg and veggie scramble
  • Nuts and fruit
  • A piece of wheat toast with natural peanut butter
  • Plain yogurt with nuts or fruit        
  • Plain old-fashioned oats with nuts or fruit
  • A cheese stick with pepper or fruit slices                                                    

Perfect pancakes

Help Chef Solus make a healthy version of this breakfast favorite.

breakfast game