Getting Your Lab Results

Results of lab tests will be communicated to you by the ordering clinician through MyChart (a secure web-based clinician-patient communication tool), via phone, or by mail. 

The fastest way to get your lab results is to enroll in MyChart. Results of common lab tests are immediately available in MyChart. Other tests are released at 3 or 7 days. Some providers can manually release them earlier.

Please note, for those labs released immediately, you will be seeing results prior to review by your provider. Your provider will continue to communicate with you about results as they review them. In many cases providers wait until all results are complete before sending a comment. You can always click on the ‘About This Test’ link for more information about the test.

If you have not heard from us about test results within two weeks, we encourage you to leave a message for your provider asking for the results.

Note: At this time, pathology reports are not automatically released by MyChart but may be released by your ordering clinician.