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You want to learn more – Do I have coverage out of area? Feeling stressed? Think you are pregnant? These tools can help you be a more informed healthcare consumer.

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Yale Health encourages you to work in partnership with our clinical staff to manage your health. Use these resources to educate yourself on some of our most searched health topics. You can always call Yale Health – we’re here for you.

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ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Health
Allergy Shots – What You Need to Know Health
Allergy Tips Health
Approved Academic Travel Rider for Students Coverage
Asthma Health
Autism Health
Back Pain Health
Bills from Yale Health Coverage
Birth Control Methods Health
Birth Control Pills Health
Breastfeeding Health
Building Guide by Floor Coverage
Cholesterol Health
Confidentiality at Yale Health Coverage
Coverage Start Dates and End Dates Coverage
Diabetes Health
Digestive Issues Health
Emergency Contraception – “Morning After Pill” Health
Emergency Mental Health Services for Yale Health Members Health
Emergency Services for Rape Crisis/Sexual Assault Health
Endoscopy Procedures at Yale Health Health
Enrollment and Eligibility Coverage
Expecting a Baby? Health
Exposure to Blood or Bodily Fluids at Work Health
Gender Affirming Services at Yale Health Health
Gestational Diabetes Health
Getting Your Test Results Health
Grandparents Health
Health Coverage Overview for Students at Yale Health Coverage
Heart Disease Health
High Blood Pressure Health
Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Health
Home Care Instructions for Flu and Upper Respiratory Symptoms Health
HPV Vaccine Health
Immunization Requirements for Yale University Healthcare Workers Health
Information for Yale Parents Coverage
LGBTQ Health Health
Magellan Rx Home Coverage
Mammograms Health
Mental Health Therapy Options for Students Health
Mole Screening Health
New Members Coverage
New to Yale Health - Getting Your Birth Control Pills Coverage
Nutrition and Healthy Eating Health
Options for Prenatal Care and Delivery Coverage
Osteoarthritis Health
Other Behavioral Health Services at Yale Health
Other Mental Health Resources for Students Health
Out of Area Coverage Coverage
Patient Spokesperson and Your Personal Health Information (PHI) Health
Pediatric Vaccines Health
Pharmacy Use Outside of the Yale Health Center Coverage
Post-Service Appeal Process for Yale Health Members Coverage
Post-Service Appeal Process for Yale University Students Coverage
Pre-Service Appeal Process for Yale Health Members Coverage
Pre-Service Appeal Process for Yale University Students Coverage
Prediabetes Health
Preparing for Travel Abroad – Plan Ahead Health
Primary Care Provider (PCP) and Your Primary Care Team Coverage
Quitting Smoking (Tobacco) Health
Radiological Services Not Provided at Yale Health Diagnostic Imaging Coverage
Referral Information Coverage
Request for Sit-Stand Workstations and Other Office Equipment Health
Retirees Coverage
Retirees and Specialty Care Coverage
Routine Physical Exams (Physicals) in Student Health Health
Services Available to Medicare Patients at Yale Health Coverage
Shared Notes in MyChart Health
Show Me How Health
Sick or Injured? Call First Health
Skin Cancer Health
Sleep Health
Stress Health
Stress Relief, Relaxation & Healthy Sleep Health
Stroke Health
Student Basic Coverage Overview Coverage
Student Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage Overview Coverage
Student Inpatient Mental Health Treatment (Hospitalization) Health
Students Coverage
Students Leaving Yale Coverage
Students with Alternate Hospitalization Insurance Coverage
Take Care of your Medical Care Before You Come to Campus Coverage
Think You are Pregnant? Health
Transferring My/My Family’s Care to Yale Health Coverage
Travel Health Services for Students Health
Urgent Mental Health Services for Students Coverage
Vaccination Charges Coverage
Waiving Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage Coverage
Weight Management Health
Wellness Health
Withdrawals and Leaves of Absence Coverage
Yale Health Pharmacy Benefit for Clerical & Technical Staff, Service & Maintenance Staff and Yale Security Coverage
Yale Health Pharmacy Benefit for Managerial & Professional and Faculty Coverage
Yale Health Pharmacy Benefit for Students with Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage Coverage
Yale Health Pharmacy Benefit for Yale Police Benevolent Association (YPBA) Coverage
Your First Gynecological Exam Health
Your Stay in Inpatient Care Health