Pharmacy / Prescriptions

Contact and Hours




203-436-4251 (for clinician offices only)


Summer hours: Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday 8:30am to 2:30pm

1st Floor


The Yale Health Pharmacy is staffed by pharmacists who work closely with Yale Health providers to assure that the safest and most effective drug therapies are prescribed.

Yale Health Pharmacy Benefit

Faculty, staff, and dependents can click below for information about their Yale Health Pharmacy benefit:

The Yale Health Pharmacy cannot accept prescriptions transferred from other pharmacies.

If you have any questions about your medications our pharmacists are available to speak with you in person or by phone by calling 203-432-0033.

Our Staff

Director of Pharmacy

  • Bryan Cretella, PharmD, RPh

Program Development Manager

  • John Toth, BS, RPh

Clinical Operations Manager

  • Jospeh Serio, PharmD, RPh

Manager of Outpatient Pharmacy Operations

Managed Care Pharmacist

  • Patrick Roberts, PharmD, RPh


  • Jared Laviano, PharmD, RPh

  • Anita Lipke, PharmD, RPh

  • Lisa Lipp, PharmD, RPh

  • William Narducci, BS, RPh

  • James Porzio, MPharm, RPh

  • Carmen Suedmeier, BS, CDE, RPh

Pharmacy Technicians

  • Carol Blum

  • Meghan Couden

  • Christine Farrey

  • Ashlyn Henri

  • Phyllis Hottin

  • M'Ballou F Kane

  • Stephanie Koskelowski

  • Erica Lindsay

  • Mark Nettleton

  • Megan Patterson

  • Migdalys Raymundo

  • Kaila Robinson

  • Anthony Santoro

  • Kemberlyn Suarez