COVID-19 Vaccination FAQ for International Students and Scholars

The university requires all students, faculty, staff, and postdoctoral/postgraduate trainees — other than those with approved medical or religious exemptions — to receive a primary COVID-19 vaccine series and to obtain a booster shot within 14 days of eligibility.

Additionally, students — other than those with approved medical or religious exemptions —must receive an updated, bivalent booster by the start of the spring semester (in any event, no later than January 31, 2023), regardless of how many previous monovalent boosters they received.

Vaccines Accepted by Yale

Yale will accept any combination of COVID-19 vaccines that have received full approval or Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or have been issued Emergency Use Listing (EUL) by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions may be helpful to Yale’s international students and scholars currently outside of the U.S. who are making plans to come or return to Yale. For more specific circumstances, send an email to if your questions are not answered here.

I was unable to meet the full vaccine requirement at home. Can I be vaccinated when I arrive at Yale? Will I need to quarantine?

Vaccination prior to arrival is strongly encouraged and a completed primary series is required for entry into the US. For those unable to complete their vaccine requirement at home, students and scholars can receive their vaccination through the Yale COVID-19 Vaccine Program.  You will need your net ID to self-schedule a vaccine appointment through the Yale COVID-19 Vaccine Program. Review the university’s travel policy for the most current requirements for being on campus after travel, including guidelines for testing and the possible need to quarantine. All members of the Yale community are also expected to follow the university’s health and safety measures.

Should I delay getting the vaccine offered in my home country and wait until I arrive at Yale?

No. Vaccination with a primary series is currently required for travel into the U.S. If you are unable to access the updated bivalent booster in your home country, you can arrange for vaccination on arrival following the guidance above.

I received a COVID-19 vaccine in another country that has not received approval by the FDA or EUA from the WHO. Should I be re-vaccinated at Yale? 

At this time, the CDC is recommending additional vaccination with FDA-approved vaccines for those who received doses of vaccines not on the WHO approved list. You will need your net ID to self-schedule a vaccine appointment through the Yale COVID-19 Vaccine Program.  We will assist international students with vaccination upon arrival in New Haven; send an email to . Please plan your travel with a goal of reaching full vaccination status by the time your program starts. 

I received one dose of a two-dose vaccine in another country, can I get the second dose at Yale?

Yes. However, the vaccines available for distribution in the U.S. are Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax, and Janssen/J&J. If your first dose was not one of these three, the CDC recommends vaccination with an mRNA vaccine 28 days after the first dose of two-dose series. 

I will not be able to get two shots of the same WHO-EUL, or FDA-approved or authorized vaccine due to restrictions in my country. What combinations of vaccines will Yale accept?

If you received two doses of mixed (heterologous) primary series and both doses were FDA or WHO approved, you are considered fully vaccinated and do not need to repeat the primary series. A vaccine that has not received WHO EUL or FDA-approval or authorization does not count toward vaccination in the US.

In my country, those who have had COVID need only one shot of a two-dose vaccine. Does Yale accept this?

No. Yale follows CDC recommendations which require both doses of a two-dose vaccine, regardless of infection history.

I am a visiting international student. Do I need to meet the requirement for a primary series and an updated booster?

All visiting international students, regardless of duration, must attest that they have received an FDA or WHO-approved primary series in their home country. Those who will be visiting for more than 4 weeks must also attest to receiving an updated bivalent booster, which can be obtained in the U.S. if not available to them at home.

I’ve had COVID-19. Do I still need to get vaccinated and boosted?

Yes, vaccination and booster doses provide the best protection. You may be vaccinated after completing the isolation period required for infection or choose to wait 90 days after your positive test date to receive your COVID-19 vaccine or booster. A prior infection or evidence of antibodies does not substitute for completing your primary series  (i.e. both doses in a two-dose series or one dose of a single-dose vaccine) and receiving an updated, bivalent booster when eligible.

My test for antibodies is positive, do I still need to be vaccinated?

Blood tests for antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 will not be accepted in place of vaccination. At this time, antibody tests cannot be interpreted as proof of immunity to COVID-19 and are not recommended post vaccination.

What about boosters?

Students and scholars are required to receive an updated, bivalent COVID-19 booster  following completion of their primary series when eligible. Documentation of booster doses should be uploaded to the portal

Does the COVID-19 vaccination cost anything?

We are offering COVID-19 vaccination to the Yale community at no cost. Bring a photo ID and health insurance card with you to your vaccine appointment. Yale Health members can download or print a version of their Yale Health insurance card which contains the required information.

How do I schedule a vaccine appointment?

You can schedule your vaccine online to receive it on campus at 310 Winchester Avenue (NOTE: the vaccine clinic will move to the Yale Health Center at 55 Lock Street and be open for scheduled appointments as of February 2, 2023.) You can also schedule through the many options in the state through the Connecticut Department of Health vaccine portal.  If you need assistance, please call the Campus COVID Resource Line (CCRL) at 203-432-6604.

I am coming to campus with my spouse, can they be vaccinated at Yale as well?

Spouses can receive their vaccine through the Yale COVID-19 Vaccine Program. Spouses of Yale employees who are not Yale Health members can schedule their appointment through the many options available across the state.

Can I put my vaccination information from outside Yale into my electronic medical record?

Yes, all students, faculty, staff and trainees are required to submit their COVID-19 vaccination record to the university for COVID-19 monitoring across the Yale community.

I have more questions about my specific situation where can I get more information?

You can call the CCRL at (203) 432-6604 or your primary care provider. Students should email The Office of International Students and Scholars also maintains a comprehensive COVID-19 update on their website, including information about arrival, travel and quarantine requirements.  

Updated January 27, 2023