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Yale Health now offers telemedicine, both video visits and telephone visits from your smart phone or tablet. When appropriate, telemedicine is a great opportunity for you to have a visit with your doctor in the comfort of your own home. 

When you call for an appointment you may be offered a telemedicine visit, or you can request one. Of course when you need to be seen in person we are here for you.

You will need to have a MyChart account for a video visit. 

Starting Thursday, December 14, MyChart appointment reminders will include language about using Zoom to connect to the video visit. In addition, the Telehealth Assistance Group (TAG) staff will reach out to all patients scheduled for a video visits two business days prior to their scheduled appointment. TAG staff will help set patients up with Zoom as necessary.

Having connectivity issues when you get ready for your video visit?

Simply uninstall and reinstall the MyChart app on your phone or tablet.