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Students with Alternate Hospitalization Insurance

Charges on Your Bursar Bill

If you see a Yale Health charge on your bursar bill your alternate insurance may not have paid for your Yale Health service. You will often receive an explanation of benefits with the payment information from your plan. If it indicates a partial payment or denial for services then you will be billed for the unpaid balance on your bursar account.

Reasons why your alternate insurance may not cover services at Yale Health:

  • The service or treatment you received may not be covered by your alternate insurance for any number of reasons.  The service may not covered at all, your insurance may require prior approval for some services and you did not obtain that approval or you may have received treatment at Yale Health for a condition that your plan thinks should have been treated in the plan’s network. If your plan doesn’t pay, Yale Health then bills your bursar account.
  • The service is covered, but is subject to a copayment or deductible for which you are being billed.
  • Incorrect information in your records may have caused the denial.

You can call the Billing Department at 203-436-8882 or email to see if your information is correct. If it is incorrect, the corrections will be made and the claim will be sent again. However, if your information is accurate, the dispute over the claim is then between you and your insurance plan and you will have to follow through with them.

You can also call the Billing Department at 203-436-8882 to see if a payment has been received by Yale Health. If it has been paid, you will receive credit on your bursar bill.

Inpatient Care

Students receiving Yale Health Basic benefits who are admitted to Inpatient Care by a Yale Health clinician do receive room and board, nursing care and primary care at no charge. Those who have purchased Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage also receive approved specialty services at no charge. If you have alternate insurance, specialty care services ordered or rendered by a Yale Health clinician during an Inpatient Care stay will be billed to your other insurance. That company may or may not cover those services. If it does not, you will be billed directly via your bursar account.