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Smoking Cessation - Are You Ready to Quit? Tobacco Free Yale Assistance Program for Students

At Yale, we care about your health and well-being.

That is why the university has committed to becoming a tobacco free campus. Leading the charge among its Ivy peers, the Tobacco Free Yale initiative focuses its efforts on improving the health and environment of our overall community.

Tobacco Free Yale takes a holistic approach to supporting the Yale community by offering various programs and resources geared towards helping you quit tobacco.

With the Tobacco Free Yale initiative students can:

  • Use technology via the Craving to Quit mindfulness based app - email for an access code. 
  • Discuss nicotine replacement therapy in Student Health – make an appointment with you primary care clinician in Student Health, 203-432-0312 to help you evaluate the best aids for quitting smoking which may include prescription medications. Some nicotine replacement therapy products are available at no cost for students who have Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty coverage. Students who have waived this coverage can check with their insurance carrier.
  • Explore these state and national resources

Tips to Remember:

  • Get support from a non-smoker, an ex-smoker, or a friend who wants to quit; if you want a cigarette, call this person for a pep talk instead.
  • Ask family and friends not to smoke around you and try to avoid people and places that tempt you to smoke.
  • Expect craving to be the strongest on the first few days. On days 5-10, the cravings plateau, then dwindle after that. This is when you start to feel better. Most urges to smoke go away in 3 to 5 minutes.
  • If you want a cigarette, try taking 5 deep breaths, calling a friend or walking to see if the craving passes.