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Request for Sit-Stand Workstations and Other Office Equipment

Requests for a sit-stand workstation, or any other office equipment, should be made by the employee to their direct supervisor. Yale Health clinicians do not generally provide notes for patients to obtain specific office equipment at their Yale worksite. Decisions to purchase equipment should be made at the department level and patients should work with their department managers to obtain this equipment

All employees are encouraged to incorporate established techniques and healthy habits to reduce discomfort associated with sitting for long periods of time. This includes:

  • Standing up to stretch or change positions frequently, planning to stagger work at the desk with other work that involves standing, walking down the hall, filing, copying, etc.
  • Taking walks during breaks, lunch, and time off to promote overall physical activity.

Employees who feel their workstation is set up incorrectly can contact Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) at (203) 785-3550 to request an ergonomic evaluation from their respective EHS Advisor. EHS recommendations do not authorize the purchase of specific equipment.

Employees requiring accommodations because of a serious disability can contact the Office of Institutional Equity and Access for assistance. Patients who have a serious disability, under the Federal Americans with Disability standard, and who have applied for a workplace accommodation with the Yale Equal Opportunity Office may be asked by this office to provide a note outlining the specific disability and requested accommodation.  Most of these patients will be under the care of a specialty physician due to the serious nature of the disability and the notes should be provided by the physician who is specifically treating the disability.