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Care for Those Working While Away from Connecticut

For members not currently in the New Haven area, the following options are available to obtain care:

  • Telemedicine visits are available with Yale Health primary care and specialty clinicians. You can request a telemedicine appointment by calling your primary care provider or through MyChart.

  • Yale Health Pharmacy has a mail order option for prescriptions to be mailed to your location, Magellan Rx Home Delivery.

  • Access mental health services through the Magellan Network 800-327-9240 or TDD 800-456-4006. Call or find a provider on the Magellan website.

  • Emergency and urgent care are covered at 100% worldwide.

Please note that non-emergent medical care, specialty treatment for chronic conditions, non-Yale Health pharmacy and laboratory testing will not been covered out of area and provider network restrictions will apply.