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It’s VAX time at Yale Health!

Yale Health is once again offering free influenza (flu) and COVID vaccines to Yale faculty, staff, students, and Yale Health members through our annual vaccination clinics. Details are below, as well as a bit about Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) vaccine. 

Respiratory viruses like flu, COVID, and RSV circulate together. Experts predict that these seasonal infections will again overlap this winter. Vaccination against these viruses can reduce the impact on you and on our community. 

Why get the flu shot?
The flu vaccine is reformulated every year to protect against the most common strains expected during the upcoming season. It is safe, effective, and recommended for everyone over the age of 6 months. For optimal protection, the best time to get your flu shot is in September or October. 

  • For you: Vaccines can prevent flu or decrease the severity of illness if you become infected. It is especially important if you are pregnant, over age 65, or have chronic medical problems. The high-dose flu vaccine is available for those age 65 and older. 
  • For those around you: Vaccines reduce the risk of spreading infection to vulnerable members of your family and community, including infants, pregnant people, older individuals, and those with weakened immune systems. 
  • New this year: The CDC has determined that people with egg allergies can safely receive any flu vaccine.   

A COVID boost  
Experts predict a fall/winter wave of cases as we have seen in previous years.  An updated COVID vaccine will provide improved protection against currently circulating variants.  

And what about RSV?  
RSV is a common respiratory virus that can cause serious illness, especially in infants and older adults. New vaccines have been approved for pregnant people and those aged 60 and older.

How to schedule flu or COVID vaccine  
Getting a flu or COVID vaccine is free at Yale Health clinics. Use our streamlined Flu COVID Finder to book your appointment.  

  • Multiple dates and locations are available now for flu shots and COVID vaccine. 
  • Flu and COVID vaccines may be administered together in select locations. 
  • Anyone unable to self-schedule through the Flu COVID Finder may call 203-432-6604 for assistance.
  • NOTE: Free flu vaccinations for Yale Health members are available only through Yale Health clinics.

Flu Vaccine Options for Medicare/Retiree Members:

  • You can get a flu vaccine at any in-network retail pharmacy by presenting a copy of your AETNA PPO card.
  • If you already have an in-person appointment scheduled at the Yale Health Center, you will receive your flu shot at that time. No need to schedule it.

Do your part to keep yourself and our community safe—Get VAXed!