Spring 2021 Exhibit

Harold Shapiro’s “Luminous Instruments” merges his lifelong passions of music and photography. Using long exposures, he explores the myriad forms of musical instruments in rich black and white. This photographic series is currently on view at Yale Health, throughout the 55 Lock Street building, and at the Yale Collection of Musical Instruments. 
A longtime contributor to Yale University, Harold has been a professional photographer for over 40 years and is familiar to our community having documented numerous events and important moments at Yale Health. He is known for his portraits, architectural photographs, and interpretations of industrial subjects. He served as head of the photography department at Creative Arts Workshop for many years and is an associate Fellow at Jonathan Edwards College. 

Harold Shapiro’s “Luminous Instruments”

man playing trombone
© Angel
© Bass Trombone
brass instruments
© Brass Still Life 1
brass instruments in motion
© Brass Still Life 2
Flute and Piccolo in Motion
© Flute and Piccolo
Flute in Motion
© Flute-1
Horn in Motion
© Flying Horn
Mellophone in Motion
© Flying Mellophone
Violins in Motion
© Flyolin
Guitar and Bass in Motion
© Guitar & Bass
Hands on Harp Strings
© Harp 1
Oboe in Motion
© Oboe Family
Piccolo in Motion
© Piccolo Trumpet
Rock Guitar in Motion
© Rock Guitar
Sax in Motion
© Soprano Sax
String Life in Motion
© String Still Life
Hand Playing Violin Strings
© Violin 1