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Recent Comments From Our Members


Sandy Longobardi, MA (Pediatrics)
~~ Sandy was very friendly and kind with my two year old son.

Meghan Couden, pharmacy tech (Pharmacy)
~~ Pharmacy staff is always so kind and friendly, it always feel like I’m seeing an old friend when I pick up my prescriptions. Meghan is super!

Charisse Cenabre, clinical receptionist (Ophthalmology)
~~ Charise, the receptionist, is always so welcoming, professional and courteous.

Linda Flegler, MA (Internal Medicine)
~~ Linda, the medical assistant who greeted me by my name and her name-so appreciated-was kind, thoughtful and professional! I am always glad she is my medical assistant and appreciative for her care.

Nelida Martinez, MA (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Nellie was wonderful… a very caring person.

Julian Clark Grant, MA (Student Health)
~~ Julian was prompt, courteous, and attentive.

Roma Chowdhury, MA (Internal Medicine)
~~ Roma was very friendly and thorough.

Anna Ostrowska, MA (Specialty Services)
~~ I have complete confidence in Anna, the Medical Assistant. She is calming, competent and a pleasure to be with, especially when I am a bit anxious. She is a gem.
Jocelyn Duplessis, MA (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Jocelyn was great!

Davena Owens, clinical receptionist (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Davena Owens was fantastic… she was able to get me an urgent appiontment within the same day! Talking about good customer service! She was patient, understanding, and made sure that I was able to get in promptly.

Shawdel Acquah-Franklin, clinical receptionist (Ob/Gyn)
~~ I just want to say that Shawdel is the best receptionist. She makes me feel so loved and welcomed. She works with me making appointments and lets me know if there is a change. She makes me and my kids feel like family.


David  Arendt, OD (Ophthalmology)
~~ Dr. Arendt provided excellent treatment and care.

Kristen Sullivan, RN (Specialty Services)
~~ Kristen was so pleasant!

Hollister Berry, APRN (Ob/Gyn)
~~ I had an excellent experience all around. I couldn’t be happier with how everything went; from the ease of scheduling, getting a next day appointment and then having a wonderful visit with Holly Berry.

Evelyn Flaherty, APRN and Sandi Miller, MA (Internal Medicine)
~~ Sandi was the medical assistant who checked me in, took my vitals and is always pleasant. Not the first time she has gotten stuck with me! Evelyn was great, nice, thorough. Both were very thorough. I never have a bad experience at Yale Health.

Anita Kohli, MD and LisaMarie Santos, COA (Ophthalmology)
~~ Lisa and Dr. Kohli were great. Both are very kind, thorough and efficient.

Angela DeCapua, RN (Specialty Services)
~~ Nurse Angela is great and thorough. I always feel cared for when I see her.

Diane Paquette, APRN (Student Health)
~~ Diane has helped me capably in the past, and continues to do an excellent job.

David Smith, MD (Internal Medicine)
~~ Dr. Smith always takes time to be sure my concerns are discussed. I have full confidence in him.

Scott Soloway, MD (Ophthalmology)
~~ Dr. Soloway is a wonderful caring physician and very competent. I felt fortunate to be seen and treated by him.

Andrea Stannard, PA-C (Dermatology)
~~ P.A. Stannard is an excellent provider. She is thorough and thoughtful and pays attention to detail. She is also a nice person.

Leah Whelan, APRN (Internal Medicine)
~~ Leah Whelan is amazing, totally professional, and probably one of the best doctors I have ever had.

Leslie White, APRN (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Leslie White was awesome. She was just as concerned as I was to figure out what was going on.


Tom Brady, PA-C (Specialty Services)
~~ Tom was thoroughly professional, knowledgeable and informative. An exemplary PA.

Cris Donovan, RN (Pediatrics)
~~ Chris, the lactation consultant, was excellent. She was very patient and informative, tailoring her recommendations to my needs.

Hannah Deck, APRN (Pediatrics)
~~ I had mentioned my son’s problem a few days previously while Hannah was seeing my daughter, and she took the initiative to check in with me and my son. It’s clear that she really cares about her patients.

Michelle Kennedy, APRN (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Michelle Kennedy is a fantastic care provider. I went to see her for a medical consultation about different types of birth control, and not only did she provide me with excellent up-to-date medical information in terms I could understand (with helpful diagrams, charts, and models!), but she also took the time out of her schedule to check in about my sexual/reproductive health in general, making sure that I had the chance to ask questions I had. I got the sense she really cares about her patients as whole people, rather than just people with medical needs. In addition, her care was so consensual and thoughtful. I felt very safe, comfortable, and cared for with Michelle!

Ellen Majors, PA-C (Internal Medicine)
~~ I have had the pleasure of seeing Ellen Majors several times. The confidence I feel in her care along with her professional thorough knowledge in every different ailment is outstanding. She is well spoken, extremely bright, caring and to the point. Her mannerism is over the top professional in every way. I am very thankful that you have such an amazing caregiver in our health plan.

Bridget Mayer, PA-C (Internal Medicine)
~~ Bridget Mayer is always very attentive in every appointment and makes sure I am very comfortable with every medication I am taking or with every decision we have come to in regards to my health. She is very knowledgeable about a lot of areas and I am very happy to have her as my primary.

Slawomir Mejnartowicz, MD (Internal Medicine)
~~ Dr. Mejnartowicz is very good. I never feel rushed by him and he listens to what is going on.

Katherine Perry, APRN (Internal Medicine)
~~ Katherine Perry is perhaps the best provider I have ever experienced. She has that perfect balance of compassion, understanding, knowledge, and professionalism that is a rare find. She is not quick to jump to the most aggressive treatments, and understands that sometimes less is more! She also has the most amazing memory, and recalls personal details that make me feel like I matter!

Julie Rosenbaum, MD (Internal Medicine)
~~ Dr. Rosenbaum is really fantastic. She took more time than she needed to in order to go through my very long medical history at Yale (47 years!) and bring it up to date. Wonderfully professional and extremely nice and caring.

Mary Tomayko, MD (Dermatology)
~~ Dr. Tomayko is always very cordial, professional, patient, caring, and clear.

Meltem Yildirim, MD (internal Medicine)
~~ I had an excellent “1st visit” with Dr. Yildirim. She was conscientious, thorough, an excellent & thoughtful listener, and I liked her ‘bed-side manner.’  I look forward to having her as my primary care physician.


Amanda Brei-Moeller, APRN (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Amanda Brei was super friendly, and she spent a good deal of time trying to suss out the issue at hand and looking at the various options I had to deal with it. She explained each option and what it did and showed me the resource book she was using. I’d been dealing with what felt like a low grade panic attack for a few days which was making communication slightly harder than usual, but she took the time to get to the heart of things without pushing and eventually I relaxed a bit and it was easier to communicate.

Laurie Bridger, MD (Internal Medicine)
~~ I am very appreciative to have Dr. Bridger as my primary physician. She is highly competent and has a very graceful and articulate manner in communicating information and eliciting responses.

Dan Geisser, MD (Internal Medicine)
~~ Dr. Geisser provides very good care to my 95 year old mother. He is patient, attentive, listens well, and offers down to earth advice which my mom appreciates. He spends a fair amount of time each visit talking directly to my mom, which I appreciate. Overall, he is very professional and his manner of sharing his medical knowledge is easy to understand and relate to. We feel fortunate to have Dr. Geisser as my mom’s primary physician.

Florence Ida Hsu, MD (Allergy)
~~ Dr. Hsu is a highly skilled clinician, I’ve never had a bad experience with her, and I have recommended her to other people who have asthma and/or allergies. She’s also great at putting me at ease, encouraging me to ask questions, and explaining things in a clear and comprehensive way.

Joanne Knudson, MD (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Dr. Knudson is exemplary in her professional expertise and willingness to answer questions and provide information. She was also meticulous in checking to make sure if there was anything else that I needed to follow-up on for my health. She is OUTSTANDING!!!

Kathryn Leinhardt, MD (Internal Medicine)
~~ Dr. Leinhardt is the finest physician I have ever had! She is thorough, professional, kind and puts my entire health care together in a package to discuss.  

Matt Lynch, MD (Athletic Medicine)
~~ Dr. Lynch was fantastic! I can’t imagine its easy giving younger patients bad news, and he really did a good job explaining my problem.

Cindy Negron, MD (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Dr. Negron was very patient with me and did a very thorough job of explaining everything to me and made sure I understood all of the details and action items on my part.

Elizabeth Richey, M.D. (Internal Medicine)
~~ I recommend Dr. Richie to anyone receiving care at Yale Health. She is collaborative and expresses concern no matter what the context. I always feel listened to as well as that I am in very good hands. I appreciate that we consider next steps together and outline the best plan. I really appreciate the care I receive by Dr. Richie.

Lindsay Azulay, RN (Allergy)
~~ The nurse (Lindsay) who administered my test was very friendly, and did an excellent job explaining the procedure and answering questions that I had.

Gordon Streeter, MD (Pediatrics)
~~ Dr. Streeter always takes time to listen to our concerns and explains what he thinks is going on in a clear and easy to understand manner.

Nene Saysiri, RN (Acute Care)
~~ Nene greeted me with a smile and an apology for the wait time. She explained everything, even the wait time. She asked me if I felt safe at home when she was taking my vitals. I have never been asked that before, she explained in detail what safe at home meant.


Michelle Brei, DNP (Pediatrics)
~~ Michelle is always friendly and receptive to all our questions as first-time parents.

Christine Chen, MD (Student Health)
~~ Dr. Chen was simply amazing. She patiently listened to everything I had to say, expressed genuine concern, provided thoughtful responses, and worked efficiently to put me on the road to recovery.

Joseph Contini, MD and the nurses in Pediatrics (Pediatrics)
~~ We are so grateful that the team is so understanding of our calls. Since Maxton is our first child we at times can be anxious, thankfully the nurses that respond to our calls and Dr. Contini are always so supportive and helpful. Thank you for putting us at ease every time our little guy gets really sick.

Doug Idelson, MD (Pediatrics)
~~ Dr. Idleson is the best - he is kind, compassionate, patient, caring, wise, and very approachable.

Sue Marchitto, APRN (Pediatrics)
~~ We have had a consistently excellent experience with Pediatrics. We love Sue Marchitto: she is calm, compassionate, and always generous with her time in answering questions and working with us as still relatively new parents. The same applies whenever I call to consult with a triage nurse. Thank you for your excellent care of our family!

Deb Meredith, CNM (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Deborah Meredith was very prepared for my visit. Last year we spoke about my concerns about getting pregnant again. She addressed all of my concerns from a year ago to make sure I was feeling comfortable and confident now and offered lots of support. This is probably one of the most assuring visits I’ve ever had at Yale Health and I’ve been a patient since I was 8.

Elizabeth Muskin, MD (Internal Medicine)
~~ Dr. Muskin is a excellent health care provider. She is very concerned about her patients and want us to get better. She never dismisses my concern. Glad to be under her care.

Sara Friend, RN (Dermatology)
~~ Sara was very friendly and she listened well.

John Toksoy, MD (Internal Medicine)
~~ Dr. Toksoy is a consummate professional & I have complete trust in him. He is kind, brilliant, thoughtful, respectful, creative, tenacious and caring/empathetic. He is excellent.