Recent Comments From Our Members


Jhon Ruda, MA (Internal Medicine)
~~ Jhon Ruda is an excellent medical assistant. Always happy, confident and welcoming.

Gina Madera, MA (Internal Medicine)
~~ Gina was amazing!


Michelle Brei, DNP (Pediatrics)
~~ Michelle Brei has given us outstanding care for over a decade now. She has current knowledge and inspires confidence. She also never seems rushed and gives outstanding care.

Susan Dougherty, RN (Pediatrics)
~~ Susan Dougherty is an excellent nurse. We always appreciate her kindness and care.

Suguru Imaeda, MD (Dermatology)
~~ Dr. Imaeda is very knowledgeable and thorough I have lots of confidence in him

Joanne Knudson, MD (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Dr. Knudson has been my provider since 1992 - she has always been courteous and showed concern.  

Anita Kohli, MD (Ophthalmology)
~~ We love Dr. Kohli!

Michel Gusmano, RN (Athletic Medicine)
~~ Michel Gusmano is great.

Katherine Perry, APRN (Internal Medicine)
~~ I have a lot of confidence in Katherine Perry.


Amanda Brei-Moeller, APRN (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Amanda was really professional and wonderful. She took my complaints of pain serious and offered some possible caused and next steps to take to find out more. She is always friendly and thoughtful and a provider that I feel I can trust.

Laurie Bridger, MD (Internal Medicine)
~~ Dr. Bridger has always received me with kindness and courtesy. She has always listened to my issues and acted accordingly.

Alisha Nappi, PA-C (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Alisha was absolutely fantastic. This was my first time using Yale Health and also my first time having an appointment such as this. She explained everything she was going to do before she did it, asked me if I understood and had any questions and made me feel much less anxious than I was going into the appointment. She also took the time to listen to other things in my life other than the just “doing her job” and set up a referral for a nutritionist for me and next steps I should take. I really feel like she had my best interests.

Alicia Esposito, RN (Ob/Gyn)
~~ The on-call nurse, Alicia, has been a lifesaver for me during early pregnancy.

Julie Rosenbaum, MD (Internal Medicine)
~~ My confidence in Dr. Rosenbaum is TOTAL. She is beyond super.

Leah Whelan, APRN (Internal Medicine)
~~ Nurse Practitioner Whelan is very pleasant, friendly, and knowledgeable; she had clearly taken the time since our first (very brief) appointment to go over my notes and medical history and to assimilate that knowledge so she had it mentally at hand when we spoke.


Michelle Kennedy, APRN (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Michelle was very competent in answering my questions beforehand, being relaxed and calm during the procedure and talked me through everything, which alleviated a lot of my nervousness. I felt a bit faint afterwards, but she and two nurses checked on me regularly so I felt really safe and supported.

Kathryn Leinhardt, MD (Internal Medicine)
~~ Dr. Leinhardt is FANTASTIC and has such a good bedside manner.

Slawomir Mejnartowicz, MD (Internal Medicine)
~~Dr. Mejnartowicz addressed my concerns and his treatment suggestions are working well. Good follow-up note along with test results.

Deb Meredith, CNM (Ob/Gyn)
~~ This was my first visit with Deb Meredith and I love her. I immediately felt comfortable and felt she understood my concerns. She explained things very clearly.

David Roth, MD (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Dr. Roth took the time to talk to me about my concerns and questions regarding the new treatment.

Andrea Jacobs-Stannard, PA-C (Dermatology)
~~ Andrea Stannard was kind, a good listener, empathetic, and provided a detailed follow-up plan to me.


David Arendt, OD (Ophthalmology)
~~ Dr. Arendt was clear about his recommendations and the process for scheduling cataract surgery. He was patient and helpful.

Sarah Davidson, MD (Student Health)
~~ Dr. Davidson is great: knowledgeable and very engaging. You feel she cares for you.

Matt Lynch, MD (Athletic Medicine)
~~ Dr. Lynch is the best all-around doctor. He is attentive and caring.

Melanie Mund, MD (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Dr. Mund showed great concern for myself and my unborn child. She even rearranged my appointments to earlier to make sure we were ok. I really appreciated her attention to detail and overall care.

Elizabeth Muskin, MD (Internal Medicine)
~~ Dr. Muskin is excellent!  She is patient, compassionate and confident in providing advice to manage my care.

Cynthia Negron, MD (Ob/Gyn)
~~ Dr. Negron is a very personable and caring provider. She takes enough time to address your concerns which is very comforting.

David Smith, MD (Internal Medicine)
~~ Dr. Smith has been my PCP for my entire Yale career, I would not trade him for any other clinician. He has addressed every situation I have encountered, and is a caring and kind individual.

John Toksoy, MD (Internal Medicine)
~~ Dr. John Toksoy has been my primary care provider for over 15 years. I have nothing but the highest praise for his expertise, professionalism, and concern for his patients.