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Philosophy of Care

At Yale Health, we view our members as full partners in all efforts relating to their health. We acknowledge the expertise patients have regarding their experience with their concerns, and seek to include this important, first-hand information in their care. Specifically, we are deeply committed to ensuring the following priorities are central to each of our member-staff relationships:

Respect  We will respect you as a unique individual and will always try to honor your goals, priorities and choices. We want to know you in the context of your family, workplace and community.

Hear       We will ask for your input and do our best to understand how you feel, what’s important to you, and how we can help.  And we will provide information in a way that is easy to understand.

Involve  To reach your goals, we need to work together. Decisions about your care will be made in partnership with you.

Your primary care provider is the medical professional who sees you regularly and who knows you best. We believe that a close relationship with a primary care provider is essential in providing efficient and personalized care. Our goals, of providing both extraordinary care and an unmatched member experience, are made possible through this important relationship.