New Members

Welcome to Yale Health!

Your care as a Yale Health member begins with your primary care provider (PCP) at Yale Health* in Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology or Pediatrics. When your condition requires more specialized care, there’s an extensive network of specialists drawn largely from the faculty at Yale School of Medicine. You can rest easy knowing that we have nurses available 24/7 for medical questions as well as round-the-clock Acute Care. At Yale Health, you and your family will have easy access to the expertise and care that you deserve.

You will receive all of your healthcare at the Yale Health Center unless your PCP refers you to an outside clinician/specialist. Prior authorization is required for all referrals.

*Yale Health is not the same as Yale New Haven Health. All Yale Health providers provide care at the Yale Health Center at 55 Lock Street.

The Member Liaison

The member liaison for Yale Health is the person who can help guide you through your Yale Health membership and answer any questions you may have. They also can assist with any transition of care, and all things Yale Health. As a new member, you will also receive periodic communications on topics regarding Yale Health. Scheduling a virtual a new member meeting is one of the best ways to get oriented to Yale Health and ask all of your questions.

New Member Checklist

Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Your primary care provider is the medical professional who sees you regularly and who knows you best. We believe that a close relationship with a PCP is essential in providing efficient and personalized care. Our goals, of providing both extraordinary care and an unmatched member experience, are made possible through this important relationship. Read more about our Philosophy of Care.

Member ID Cards

Member ID cards are not required to make appointments at Yale Health, however, they are good to have on hand for appointments outside of the Yale Health Center or in an emergency. You may download a member ID card on our secure site, or, if you prefer, request a physical card be mailed to your home. Your electronic ID works just like a physical card and can be uploaded into MyChart and shared with enrolled dependents. Please note: if you encounter an error, please wait 24 hours and try again. Sometimes it takes an extra day for the link to update brand new members.

The Yale Health Pharmacy and Transferring Your Prescriptions

The Yale Health Pharmacy is the most convenient way for you to get new medications or refill existing prescriptions.* If your Yale Health provider prescribes a medication for you during an office visit, your prescription will often be ready when you arrive at our pharmacy. If your prescription is not ready we will expedite your order.

As a new member you may have existing prescriptions that you may want to transfer to our pharmacy. The Yale Health Pharmacy cannot accept transfers from other pharmacies. The prescription needs to come from the prescribing provider. You may have your provider send the prescription electronically to the Yale Health Pharmacy, you may bring a paper prescription to our pharmacy, or the provider may fax it to 203-436-4251. 

*If you choose to have your prescription filled at an outside pharmacy, you will pay the full cost of the medication at the counter and then must submit a Pharmacy Claim Form for reimbursement. You will be responsible for the greater of 20% of the cost of the medication  or the copay you would have paid at the Yale Health Center Pharmacy.