Yale Health

Student Wellness

studentwellness@yale.edu or tracy.george@yale.edu
55 Lock Street, 1st Floor
Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-5:00 pm
Safer sex supplies available 24/7/365 
Email or call to setup an appointment!

Meet the Health Educator

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Student Wellness Vision

To support the cultivation of an environment and culture in which all Yale students highly value their health and wellness.

Student Wellness Mission

Student Wellness works to advance the health of the Yale student community by empowering students to make healthier choices.  We achieve this mission through

  • Listening to the needs and concerns of the student community;

  • Focusing on sexual health, stress management, sleepy hygiene and basic nutrition education as key components of students’ wellness;

  • Providing free comprehensive programming, resources and information to all undergraduate, graduate and professional students at Yale;

  • Offering inclusive, informative one-on-one and group education;

  • Providing widely available access to safer sex supplies; and

  • Maintaining a social media presence with accurate and helpful information for students.