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Mental Health & Counseling Treatment Approaches

Mental Health & Counseling (MHC) is committed to addressing Yale students’ psychological concerns and helping them achieve their intellectual and personal goals. To that end, MHC provides short-term therapy that is individualized to the student’s personal situation. For most students, this approach enables them to move forward and successfully handle the challenges they encounter.

Our clinicians are psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and clinical social workers who are skilled in diverse treatment approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, group therapy, psychodynamic therapy and medication management. We work collaboratively with students to identify the treatment approach that is most appropriate considering the student’s situation, preferences and concerns.  

Duration of Treatment

Short-term therapy meets the needs of the majority of students. However, a small number of students with more serious concerns may need a longer period of treatment. Although the average number of therapy sessions for students over the course of a school year has been six to eight, many want fewer appointments and some students, such as those on medication, may need ongoing treatment. 

Getting Into Treatment

Students requesting an appointment are given an initial time for evaluation within two to four weekdays. Following this initial appointment, most students are able to be connected with their therapist typically within a couple of weeks.

At the initial evaluation, the clinician will give the student a card with contact information so that they can remain in touch. The clinician will also inform the student about next steps including when the student will hear back about followup.   

In urgent situations,  any student can speak with an on-call clinician 24 hours per day, every day of the year (daytime through MHC at 203-432-0290 and after hours through Acute Care 203-432-0123). 

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Our Staff

Director: Lorraine Siggins, MD
Deputy Director: Howard Blue, MD


Sepideh Aram, MD
Marie Baker, PhD                                
Kimberly Bandman, LCSW
Rachel Bloom, PsyD
Emeric Bjoarski, MD
Neil Bruce, MD 
Amber Childs PhD
Kali Cyrus, MD
Jennifer Czincz, PhD
Adriana DeAmicis, PhD
Brian Frankel, MD
Carole T. Goldberg, PsyD
Debra Gregory, PhD
Michael Groner, MD



Karen Hoffman, PhD
Paul Hoffman, PhD

Emily Markley, PsyD
Laverne Marks, LCSW

Eric Millman, MD
Samantha Morris, PsyD
Charles Opsahl, PhD
Anna Ostrovskaya, MD
Naomi Panza, LCSW
Francesco Peluso, MD
Catherine Roberts, MD
Ethan Smith, LCSW
Anand Sukumaran, MD