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Mental Health & Counseling

For students only

The Mental Health & Counseling Department is committed to caring for the psychological concerns of undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students.

Care is provided by mental health professionals including:

  • psychiatrists

  • clinical psychologists

  • clinical social workers

What happens when I call for an appointment?

  • An appointment will be made for an initial assessment within a few days of contacting the department or the same day in an urgent situation.

  • This first appointment is an opportunity for you to discuss your immediate concerns and for the clinician to understand you as an individual. You will leave with their contact information to use, if you have a need, prior to your next appointment.

  • After this 60-minute assessment the Clinical Director reviews your needs and determines the best treatment option for your issues and matches you with the most appropriate clinician. Your new clinician will contact you by phone to schedule your first session.

  • There is an option to begin group therapy prior to starting individual treatment.

Note: Clinically urgent situations are handled in an appropriate time frame.

Treatment options:

  •  counseling

  •  group therapy (some have a particular focus such as eating concerns or bereavement, while others cover a range of issues)

  • couples counseling

  • alcohol and drug counseling, sex counseling

  • and medication when appropriate.

Top FAQ's

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What are some reasons to seek counseling?

Are there screenings available to help me determine if I might need counseling?

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Our Staff

Chief: Lorraine Siggins, MD


Sepideh Aram, MD
Marie Baker, PhD                                
Kimberly Bandsman, LCSW
Howard Blue, MD
Emeric Bjoarski, MD
Neil Bruce, MD 
Kali Cyrus, MD
Jennifer Czincz, PhD
Adriana DeAmicis, PhD
Brian Frankel, MD
Carole T. Goldberg, PsyD
Debra Gregory, PhD
Michael Groner, MD
Karen Hoffman, PhD
Paul Hoffman, PhD



Laverne Marks, LCSW
Eric Millman, MD
Samantha Morris, PsyD
Emily Newman, PsyD
Charles Opsahl, PhD
Anna Ostrovskaya, MD
Naomi Panza, LCSW
Francesco Peluso, MD
Catherine Roberts, MD
Jillian Russo, PsyD
Ethan Smith, LCSW
Maury Steigman, LCSW
Anand Sukumaran, MD
Gerritt Van Schalkwyk, MD