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Internal Medicine

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Primary Care Teamwork

The Internal Medicine Department provides comprehensive primary care to adult members of Yale Health.

Your primary care clinician (PCC) is the medical professional who knows you best and coordinates all of your care. Your PCC is part of a clinical team that consists of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants and clinical receptionists. Together this team collaborates to provide the care you need, answer your questions between visits, and coordinate specialty care.

We encourage you to see your PCC for most of your scheduled and unscheduled care. When this is not possible, you will have access to other clinicians on your primary care team. Team members communicate important information through our shared electronic health record.  

Illness or Injury

When you have an unexpected illness or injury, we recommend beginning with a phone call to Internal Medicine.  A nurse will call you back to discuss your symptoms.  If you need to come in, we can offer you a same-day or next-day appointment that is convenient for you with your primary care clinician or a member of his or her team. 

In some cases, you may be advised to come to our Acute Care Department or to Specialty Services. After-hours and weekends, the triage nurses in Acute Care are always available by phone and can help you determine if you need to come in for an evaluation.


Internal Medicine strongly recommends that all of our patients enroll in MyChart.

Our Staff

Chief: Madeline Wilson, MD, FACP
Assistant Director: Nanci Fortgang, RN, MPA



Green Team
David Smith, MD (Team Chief)
Vanessa Lehner, PA-C 
Ellen Majors, PA-C
Michael Rigsby, MD
John Toksoy, MD
Madeline Wilson, MD
Jonathan Weber, PA-C
Jin Xu, MD 

Diabetes Education

Vanessa Jefferson, ANP,  APRN, CDE

Blue Team
Laurie Bridger, MD (Team Chief)
Margot Ebling, PA-C
Daniel Geisser, MD
Kathryn Leinhardt, MD
Slawomir Mejnartowicz, MD
Elizabeth Muskin, MD
Katherine Perry, APRN

Green Team Nurses
Kathleen Blum, RN
Amy Relihan, RN
Jeffrey Stay, RN

Triage and Acute Care Nurses
Nicole Lloyd, RN
Kerri Skiles, RN
John Vose, RN


Blue Team Nurses
Holly Crandall, RN
Evelyn Morrissey, RN
Tushemia Roberts, RN