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Group Therapy

"Thank you for all your help in group. I've been implementing the techniques we learned and I'm doing much better and feeling happier than ever." - Yale student

Group therapy is a type of counseling in which a small group of people meet weekly to discuss their concerns and problems.  A therapist leads the group by helping to facilitate these conversations.  Group members use feedback from others in the group to develop new perspectives and reflect on their experiences.  Some groups offer concrete skills and strategies while others are less structured in nature, giving group members the time and space to explore ideas, gain insight and understand more about oneself.

If you are interested in group therapy, please schedule an initial appointment. The therapist you meet with will answer your questions about group therapy and the group therapy options being offered.  If you already see a clinician in Mental Health and Counseling, you do not need to schedule a separate intake appointment.  Your current clinician can answer your questions and refer you to a group if appropriate.  

Group Therapy FAQs

Group Therapy Offerings