Yale Health

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Basic Coverage” for students?

Details of Basic Coverage can be found in the Student Handbook and an overview is in the Student Guide to Yale Health.

Can I be seen today?

Always call first to avoid long waits or wasted trips. There are a number of same-day and next-day sick visits available with your primary care clinician or a nurse may be able to give you medical advice over the phone.

I am an eligible student and I waived coverage, can I still use services at Yale Health?

Yes. If you waive Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage you still have Basic Coverage.  Please refer to the Student Guide to Yale Health for additional coverage information.

When does student coverage start and end?

Fall Term and full-year coverage for incoming students begins on the date dormitories open or the date you are required to be on campus for orientation. The coverage year ends on July 31 and the following year’s coverage begins on August 1 with no lapse in coverage. Even students who graduate are covered through July 31.

I am a Yale student. Do I have health care coverage when I am away from campus (school breaks, weekend trips, summer vacations, semesters abroad and so on) during the regular academic year?

If you have taken Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage, you are covered outside of Connecticut for emergency care, Acute Care and pre-authorized short-term follow-up care. Please see the Terms of Coverage section of the Student Handbook for details. If you have alternate insurance, you should check the specifics of that insurance.

I am a student and am planning on travelling out of the country. What do I need to do to prepare?

You should call Travel Medicine 6-8 weeks before you depart, as many immunizations are given in a series over time. The Travel Medicine Department is a fee-for-service department and their fees are not covered.

I am a student. How do I obtain prescription refills when I am away from campus?

To transfer your prescription to another pharmacy, have them call the Yale Health Pharmacy (203-432-0033). If you have Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage, retain the receipt and submit a claim form for reimbursement. For more information visit the Outside Pharmacy Use page.

When a prescription is transferred to an outside pharmacy, Connecticut pharmacy law renders that prescription void at Yale Health.

I am a new student on campus and I need my birth control pills. What should I do?

The easiest way to get your birth control pills is to have your prior clinician call the Yale Health Center Pharmacy directly at 203-432-0033 with your prescription details. Your prior clinician may also fax it directly to 203-436-4251.

The Ob/Gyn Department has reserved special appointments with our clinicians and nurses to assist you with obtaining your birth control prescriptions at Yale Health. These appointments are available Monday-Friday early in the semester for your convenience.

It is best if you can bring your current container or package that indicates your name, medication, date refilled, etc. to the appointment. This will assist in easy processing of your prescriptions. If you are unable to bring your birth control package or information, please make an appointment and try to bring as much information about your medical history as possible to that appointment.

I am a student and need to change my personal information (i.e., address, phone number). How do I do that?

Where can I find information on Mental Health & Counseling services at Yale?

For information about Mental Health & Counseling services at Yale, please see the Mental Health & Counseling Department page. To schedule an appointment, contact the department directly at 203-432-0290.

In urgent situations,  any student can speak with an on-call clinician 24 hours per day, every day of the year (daytime through MHC at 203-432-0290 and after hours through Acute Care 203-432-0123).