Yale Health

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I walk in for treatment or services?

No. You must be referred by your primary care clinician.

What is a skin cancer screening and how do I get one?

Skin cancer screenings are done to check a spot or spots on the body. Other dermatological issues will not be discussed at that time, as it is only a five-minute appointment. Skin cancer screenings are generally held on a monthly basis throughout the year, and you do not need a referral to attend.

Click here to see the next skin cancer screening date.

Patients with a history of melanoma and/ or basal cell cancer should NOT come to the screenings. 

If you are unable to attend a skin cancer screening and have a spot of concern on your body you should call the Dermatology Department.

When will I get my biopsy or lab results from Dermatology?

Results for skin biopsies usually take one week. Blood work is usually available within 1 to 3 working days. Results will be communicated to you via telephone, mailings, or MyChart.

I was referred to an outside dermatologist. Can I just keep seeing this person now?

No.  When referred to an outside dermatologist for a specific issue, you must return to Yale Health for follow-up care once the issue has been completed.

I am a student and have waived Yale Health coverage, can I be seen in the Dermatology Department?

No.  Students who have waived Yale Health’s Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage need to seek services from providers who accept their insurance.

I am a Medicare patient, can I be seen in the Dermatology Department?

No.  Medicare patients are not eligible for treatment in our Dermatology Department.