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Care Management

 What can a care manager do for me?

  • Assist you with managing conditions such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and transplants

  • Help you and your family understand your diagnosis and treatment plan

  • Work with you to find community resources

  • Help you make decisions regarding home care or home nursing visits

  • Set achievable personal health goals

  • Assist with the coordination of out-of-area emergency medical care

 How can I get assistance from a care manager?

  • You may be referred by your primary care clinician to a care manager;

  • You may contact the Care Management Department on your own; or

  • A care manager may contact you (for instance, if you are hospitalized).

 Who are care managers?

We are experienced nurse practitioners who work with you and your clinicians as your advocate. Our ongoing relationship continues throughout your treatment until you are confident that you can manage your care on your own. We anticipate and solve problems, provide information, and help you navigate the healthcare system both within and outside of Yale Health.

Our Staff

Manager: Susan Molde, APRN

Care Managers
Jennifer Brackett, APRN
Kim Thomas, RN