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Athletic Medicine

For students only

The Athletic Medicine Department treats intercollegiate varsity athletes who become injured or ill and encourages wellness. If an injury or illness should develop while you're practicing or playing you should advise your athletic trainer so that appropriate medical follow-up can be arranged. Treatment programs are designed to return athletes to full competition as soon as safely possible.

  • Medical Clearance
    Prior to arrival on campus, and within the last 6 months, a physical exam must be performed and the Intercollegiate Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation form must be completed and signed by a primary provider at home. A review of the medical history on all varsity intercollegiate athletes will be performed in the pre-season with some athletes requiring further evaluations.
  • Game Coverage
    A clinician attends sporting events in which there is a high incidence of contact injuries. These include football, soccer (men and women), ice hockey (men and women), field hockey, gymnastics and lacrosse (men and women).
  • Restriction from Participation
    Athletes who are injured or ill may be restricted from play until they are cleared by one of the Athletic Medicine clinicians. A disability list of injured athletes who are restricted is distributed daily to the athletic training and Athletic Medicine staff. Activities may be limited and rehabilitation programs are instituted.
  • Sports Orthopedic Surgery Clinic
    Team sports orthopedic surgeons are available by appointment for varsity athletes with potential surgical needs.
  • Sports Nutritionist
    Appointments with a sports nutritionist are also available; please call 203-432-0334 to schedule.
  • 203-432-0334 - Athletic Medicine
  • 203-432-0123 - After hour emergencies
  • 203-432-2467 - Athletic Department Dwyer Rehabilitation Center

Our staff

Chief of Athletic Medicine: Andrew Gotlin, MD
Assistant Manager: Cynthia Eber, RN

Team Physician
Stephanie Arlis-Mayor, MD

Michel Gusmano, RN, Clinical Coordinator


Registered Dietician
Lisa Canada, RD