Student Health Advisory Councils

The Undergraduate and Graduate Student Health Advisory Councils function as a partnership between Yale Health and students in an effort to promote, review and revise student care services across the Yale healthcare system. Students bring varying and valuable perspectives on our operational processes and programs, and based on discussions and prioritization, student projects are created to improve overall care. Our first two councils were formed in 2020, and we look forward to many years of ongoing collaboration.
The goals of the Student Health Advisory Council are:
  1. To promote the principles of patient-provider partnership and patient-centered care.
  2. To provide and communicate the unique perspectives of students as they pertain to care and services at Yale Health and across the Yale healthcare system.
  3. To identify and target areas in need of improvement and form student-led work groups to communicate and collaborate with appropriate healthcare staff who share common goal.
The core values of the Student Health Advisory Council are:
  • Respect, trust and confidentiality
  • Collaboration, acceptance, personal experience and empathy
  • Cultural awareness, diversity and inclusion
  • Participation, advocacy, initiative and intention
The Student Health Advisory Council plans on evening meetings four to five times during the academic year and invites students who are interested in applying to meet the expectations below.
  • Key Qualities:
    • Passion to improve the health care experience
    • Willingness to share insights and experience in a constructive way
    • Ability to see beyond personal experience and seek other students’ insights
    • Respect for diverse opinions and experiences that are different than your own
    • Good listener
    • Works well with others
  • Participate on one to two projects per academic year
  • Attendance of at least 4 meetings per academic year
  • Commitment of 2 year term
NOTE: The application process has been completed. Program updates will be posted on this page once available.  
Updated July 8, 2022