Reporting of COVID-19 Vaccine Outside of the Yale Program

If you have received your full COVID-19 vaccination (i.e., received both doses of a two-dose series) outside of the Yale COVID-19 Vaccine Program (the Yale Program), you may submit your vaccination record to the university. By doing so, it will ensure that your vaccination status is on record with the university for COVID-19 monitoring across the Yale community. In addition, your record will be added to your Yale Health / Yale New Haven Health (YNHH) electronic health record and available to you within your MyChart account. 

“Outside” of the Yale Program means receiving a vaccine through a pharmacy or another health system, including YNHH at any of their sites (i.e., West Campus or Lanman). This can be especially confusing if you received your vaccine at the Lanman Center because both the Yale Program and YNHH use the Lanman Center as a vaccine clinic on different days of the week.

If you received your vaccine at the Lanman Center, follow these steps to determine whether you received your vaccine through the Yale Program or through YNHH:

  • Log into your MyChart account.
  • Click on “Appointments” (on the MyChart app) or “Visits” -> “Appointments and Visits” (on the computer). 
  • Look for the date of your last dose. It will list the clinic name.
    • If it says “YHC VACCINATION CLINC,” you do not need to submit.
    • If it say “YNH COVID VACCINATION - LANMAN,” it is outside of the Yale Program. Submit your record. 

Submit Your Record on the Yale Vaccine Portal

Sumbit your vaccination record through the portals below:

You will need to upload a copy of your official government COVID-19 vaccination card provided by the vaccination site. The file can be a photo or scanned image. Before accessing the form, it will be helpful to have this file saved to your computer or phone.

How to Upload the Image of Your Vaccination Card

To upload the image of your vaccination card on your phone, select “Browse” when prompted within the form and take a photo of your card.,

To upload the image of your vaccination card from your computer, scan it and save to your files or take a picture of it, email it to yourself and save it to your files.  To upload it within the form, click “Browse,” select “Browse” to find the find the image in your files.