Polio in the news

  • The current risk of polio remains very low in the US despite a recent case in NY. It is important to note that the case occurred in an unvaccinated individual. There have been no cases additional cases identified to date.
  • Most adults (i.e., persons aged >18 years) residing in the United States are presumed to be immune to poliovirus from previous routine childhood immunizations.
  • No testing is recommended to confirm prior vaccination, even if documentation of prior vaccination cannot be located.
  • All children should complete their routine childhood vaccinations, including polio, as per the current pediatric schedule. Vaccinating children is the most important way to reduce polio risk.
  • At this time, no additional booster doses of polio vaccine are recommended for the general public, or for healthcare workers 
  • Individuals who are traveling to high-risk countries where polio is present should consider a travel health evaluation from CVS Minute Clinics. For additional information, see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidance on polio for travelers.
  • Persons with a known or potential polio exposure should schedule an appointment to discuss vaccination.

More information is available at the CDC website.