Everything You Wanted to Know About Yale Health, But Didn't Know Who to Ask

Why Join Yale Health

Yale Health is the preferred health insurance choice for almost 80% of Yale faculty and staff.

“As a new Yale Health member my family & I have received such amazing, quick & compassionate care & I am most impressed. The transition was great & we are very blessed to be Yale Health members.” ~Yale Health member


Our patients enjoy receiving almost all of their care under one roof at the new Yale Health Center. You can go to your appointment, have your lab work done, and pick up your prescriptions without even stepping outside! (And if you want to throw in some physical therapy and maybe an X-ray or perhaps an MRI, you can do that here too!)

”Yale Health is the BEST place I’ve ever been to. It’s very convenient to make 3 different appointments all under one roof.” ~ Yale Health member

Patient-Centered Care

At Yale Health our goal is to work with you as an equal partner to reach your health goals with our patient-centered model of care. We will respect you, hear you and involve you.

“Yale Health, more than other healthcare delivery systems I’ve experienced, is committed to providing its patients with compassionate, respectful care. From front desk reception to the MA to the nurse to the provider, all exemplify this.” ~ Yale Health member


Most preventive, diagnostic and treatment services are covered at 100% with no co-pays, deductibles or claim forms.

New Member Liaison

If you have any questions or simply want to learn more please reach out to our new member liaison, yhmemberliaison@yale.edu