Additional COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Scheduling Resources

In addition to getting your vaccine through Yale’s COVID-19 Vaccine Program at the Lanman Center, all eligible employees and Yale Health members can also access multiple scheduling options throughout the state. The vaccine is provided at no cost for Yale employees and Yale Health members at any location.

Getting Started

View a statewide list and map of COVID-19 vaccine clinics, and enter your zip code or town in the location box.

Consider if you prefer to schedule your appointment by telephone or through an online portal using a computer or smart phone.

Create a MyChart account- This is required for scheduling at many other locations throughout the State of Connecticut, including the Lanman Center.


Schedule a Vaccine Appointment By Phone 


Schedule a Vaccine Appointment Using an Online Portal Using a Computer or Smart Phone

For most online portals, you will need to set up a MyChart account first. 

Online self-scheduling portals that do not require a MyChart account

Online self-scheduling portals that require a MyChart account 

Other Online Portals Options 

Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS

  • You will need to enter your full name, date of birth, eligible occupation or age eligibility, zip code and email address. 
  • You will receive a confirmation number after you have submitted your enrollment. Then, within 24-48 hours, you will receive an email from VAMS with a link to complete your registration and schedule your appointment.


Schedule a Vaccine Appointment at a Pharmacy  (all require setting up an account)


Important information for vaccine appointments at a pharmacy

Yale Health members will need to present the following information:

Yale Medicare Retiree members should be prepared to present their medical (PPO) and prescription cards.

Aetna members should be prepared to present their medical and prescription cards.


Scheduling resources for for those living in New York or Massachusetts:

Additional information to consider as you schedule your appointment:

  • If your vaccine requires two doses, you must receive them at the same location.
  • Consider registering on multiple sites, but once you are able to schedule your appointment, please remember to cancel any other appointments that you may have made elsewhere. This will allow others the opportunity to schedule for vaccination.
  • Be prepared to provide your name, date of birth, telephone number, and insurance information when scheduling. 
  • You can find additional scheduling information in Dr. Stephanie Spangler’s Important Vaccine Eligibility Updates communication.