ABCs of Diabetes Care

Test/Exam How often Ideal level Your level or Date of Service

A1c (Blood test)

Lowering your A1c reduces diabetes complications

Every 3-6 months Less than 7% _______/_______
Blood pressure control
Lowering your blood pressure reduces stroke
Every visit Less than 140/90 _______/_______
Cholesterol (LDL) level (Blood test)
Lowering your LDL reduces heart attack
Every year Less than 100 mg/dl _______/_______
Diabetes kidney microalbumin (Urine protein test)
Treating early kidney damage may prevent dialysis
Every year Less than
30 μg/g
Eye exam – Each year
Finding early eye damage may prevent blindness
Every year   _______/_______
Foot exam by a clinician
  • Inspect the feet
  • Check pulses
  • Test sensation
Every year   _______/_______
Goals for self-management
My goal: ______________________________
Every visit    
Home glucose testing
Ask your clinician if this is right for you
Varies   ___/____/_______
  • Annual flu shot
  • Pneumonia vaccine (Pneumovax)
  • Hepatitis B series
  • Every year
  • At least once
  • Once



Clinician: _______________________________________________

Internal Medicine: 203-432-0038

Student Health: 203-432-0312